Heidi Klum & Seal: Reconciliation is off the table

Despite earlier reports that Heidi Klum and Seal may indeed try to work out their differences as a couple and save their marriage, it seems as though the couple’s intent to call it quits is the story the two are sticking with.

“They had both been wearing their wedding rings and had mutually thought they might be able to work it out,” one source says. “But it doesn’t look like it’s going that way.”

There had been reports of the couple still sporting their wedding rings after their official announcement of their intent to divorce, Seal was seen without it earlier this week in Australia. After the official announcement, Seal had stated that he had “no intention of taking [his ring] off anytime soon.” The couple also spent Valentine’s Day apart, with Seal working on The Voice in Australia, and Klum spending the holiday with friends in Los Angeles at the Soho House. These two reports seem to indicate the couple’s resolve to stay split, according to sources.

Klum has been seen with her children this month, bringing them to karate and ballet lessons, with one source saying “Heidi was in a good mood, […] She seemed happy to be back to her regular Saturday routine with her kids.”

Seal did manage to see his children before going to Australia, but reportedly spent very little time with Klum.

“They have had very little contact and Heidi wants to keep it this way,” the source says. “She feels less stressed out now and feels it’s best to be away from Seal, so she doesn’t get confused about her feelings,” adding, “She is moving forward with the divorce.”

Seal turns 49 today, and Klum is 38. The couple have been married for nearly seven years.

Do you think that there is still hope for the celebrity couple?