Drunk Cop: Video Of Intoxicated Officer Goes Viral [Video]

A police officer in Durban, South Africa is under investigation for allegedly being on duty while intoxicated. The officer, who has been unnamed so far, was recorded by a concerned father after the officer nearly ran over his son. The video is only 32 seconds long, but is rather revealing. The officer is obviously intoxicated as he sits in the car while smoking a cigarette. He even has his gun sitting in his lap, rather than holstered. When confronted, the officer eventually drives off and out of view.

According to News 24 Live, Phil Tomlinson recorded the police officer after he nearly hit his son. It was revealed that the officer was a constable, driving a white Polo, and is stationed at the Pinetown police station. Tomlinson decided to record the officer after his son was nearly hit, in an attempt to find out why the officer was being careless, and eventually to report the incident to the department.

“He tried to drive my son off the road”

When Tomlinson approached the officer, he was surprised to see he was quite drunk while on duty. The officer was also waving a cigarette between his fingers, as he spoke belligerently. Highway Mail also reported that the officer was driving with his gun in his lap, not in a holster.

Tomlinson made sure to record the car’s license plate number so he could turn the evidence over to the officer’s superiors, hoping to either get him help or off the street. The officer took an oath to abide by the same laws that he enforces, but has failed to live up to that oath.

Colonel Jay Naicker, a police spokesperson, stated that he has seen the video, as have the necessary members of the department, and he will ensure that the officer is properly investigated and the issue is resolved. However, he could not speak to the actual punishment that may be handed out, if any.

Details on the story are currently lacking, since there is no solid evidence of when the video was actually recorded. There is a possibility that the officer was off duty at the time. His work status does not necessarily reflect the seriousness of the crime, but may play into the actual punishment that is dealt.

Although, at this point, the policeman is only allegedly drunk, he seems intoxicated in the video. What are your thoughts?

[Photo Courtesy: Viralbru]