WWE News: Huge Update On The Undertaker, When He Is Set To Retire From The WWE


The Undertaker is a legend who has worked for the WWE for over two decades now. There is no one in the company barring owners and executives that have been part of WWE longer than The Deadman. His legendary status has made him iconic in the pro-wrestling world and yet he is still going today, amazingly. Last year we all expected to see the last of Taker, as he “went out on his back” like many who go off into the sunset and retire.

However, despite taking a legit beating by Brock Lesnar last year and having his WrestleMania win streak snapped….Undertaker is back for another match. This time with WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt. However, despite what goes down this Sunday many want to know when will Undertaker call it a career? According to The Wrestling Observer, it could be very soon.

Next year, WrestleMania 32 takes place in Dallas, Texas. WWE wants to fill the Cowboys Stadium up to capacity and break attendance records. They certainly have the capability to do it. Not only is the venue perfect for fans of all kinds, the massive screen allows for people in any seat to see everything even if they are in nosebleeds. It is one of the best stadiums in all of sports. WWE has been wanting to put a WrestleMania there for some time now.

The Undertaker is from Texas. It is said that, depending on how he fairs this year, his last match could take place in Dallas next year. It is also rumored that he could be facing another Texas native, Sting. While Sting is originally from California, he now lives in Texas and would be able to perform at the show. Especially if he knew his opponent was going to be Taker, a man he has wanted to face for over a decade.

The plan for Sunday is still to have Taker go over Wyatt, and for Sting to go over Triple H to give both men a big singles win. Next year, one would imagine that if WWE does have this match take place it would most likely end up being impossible for WWE to truly pick a winner. Although the long-term WWE guy in Taker makes sense to win, there is still the idea of keeping Sting around as a legit performer when he comes in from time to time. So assuming a winner isn’t so simple.

It is said that if The Rock cannot work a program with Brock Lesnar next year, WWE would have a rematch with Undertaker facing Lesnar. Since Brock is now back with WWE for another couple of years, he’d be able to work WrestleMania 32 in any major match WWE chose. Taker would get his rematch and win out of this to go out on, but this literally hinges on The Rock. Regardless, it seems that next year will be the last that we will see The Deadman perform in a match at WrestleMania. It is not a bad thing either, as he has to call it a career eventually. What better way than in your home state at WrestleMania?

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