Kim Zolciak Accused Of Photoshopping Thigh Gap, Reality Star Slams Instagram Haters [Photos]

Kim Zolciak is under fire once again after she posted an Instagram photo showing she has a thigh gap. The reality TV star responds to accusations by slamming her haters.

Zolciak, 36, posted a photo on Tuesday that caused a firestorm amongst fans. In the image, she shows off her toned physique and a caption that reads “Werking.” While many commenters praised Kim for her fit body, other fans were not so supportive of the mom of six, accusing her of having Photoshopped her thigh gap. Others said Zolciak only looks as good as she does because she has the money to do so and that they, too, could look just as good if they had plastic surgery, referring to Kim’s prior tummy tuck and breast enhancement surgeries.

Kim Zolciak thigh gap

According to SheKnows, Kim Zolciak did not take the Photoshop comments too kindly and defended herself against the accusations by blasting the haters.

“Hey hater my pic is not photo shopped, I don’t need to photoshop sh*t and what rug are you talking about cause there is no rug #DontComeOnMYPageWithYourBullsh*t.”

Zolciak also denied having had liposuction after one fan suggested surgery is the reason she is so thin, “No lipo Suga.”

This is not the first time Kim Zolciak has been accused of Photoshopping the images she posts to Instagram. Kim came under fire earlier this month when she posted a photo of herself along with a caption saying she was trying out a waist trainer. However, the thigh gap clearly shown in that photo was not what fans took issue with, but with how tiny her waist appears. Some fans commented that the reality star’s waist was so small not because of a waist trainer, but because the image was Photoshopped.

Kim Zolciak's tiny waist

Kim Zolciak has admitted to having cosmetic surgery in the past. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Zolciak posted an Instagram photo of herself last month in which she admitted that her breasts were bought and paid for. She has also made it no secret that she has had a tummy tuck. However, the star of Don’t Be Tardy has also talked a lot about her efforts to get back in shape after having her twins, Kane and Kaia, in 2013. She chalks her trim figure up to following a strict diet regimen and protein shakes, not Photoshop.

[Images by Craig Barritt/Getty Images]