Mitchelle Blair: Detroit Mom Allegedly Killed Her Two Kids After Discovering They Were Molesting Relative, Stuffed Their Bodies In A Freezer

Mitchelle Blair allegedly killed her own son and daughter after discovering that they were molesting a young relative, according to Detroit police. Their bodies were then stuffed into a large freezer in the family’s living room, where they remained for more than a year.

The bizarre case unfolded in Detroit this week, starting with the discovery of the bodies of two young children stuffed into a bag in a freezer. The apartment was empty after the tenant, Mitchelle Blair, was evicted, but the freezer and the bodies remained until they were discovered by deputies.

Police said Blair admitted to killing her two children, 9-year-old Stephen Berry and 13-year-old Stoni Blair. Police believe they were not killed at the same time — Stephen was killed two years ago, while Stoni was killed in 2014. Prosecutors said Stony would have been 14 today and Stephen would have been 11.

Investigators say they plan to conduct autopsies to determine exactly how the children died, but said it had to wait as the bodies were still frozen. They believe the boy was strangled to death and the girl bludgeoned.

The identity and age of the relative allegedly molested was not released.

Mitchelle Blair has other children, an 8-year-old and a 17-year-old, who are now in the care of another relative.

“Whether I end up with them or someone else does, they’re going to need a lot of counseling,” said Angela Gordon, the children’s great aunt and a retired Detroit police child abuse investigator. She is caring for the two surviving children at the moment.

Neighbors said that they hadn’t seen either of the missing children for at least a year. Gordon said Mitchelle Blair had a falling out with her family and cut off contact, so relatives did not know the two children were missing.

“We had such a tumultuous relationship,” Gordon said of her niece. “She was always calling for help; she needed food, money. I told her she had to get a job and take care of her family. That was the time when she cut everyone off and we didn’t hear from her.”

Neighbors said Blair had fallen onto hard times, was unemployed and eventually evicted from the apartment.

Family members are trying to raise money for a funeral for the two children killed, and have started a GoFundMe page.

Some are doubting Blair’s story that her children were molesting a relative. Tracey Dorsey, the sister of the girls’ father, said she believes Blair made that up and hopes the woman ends up in prison “for life.”

Mitchelle Blair is due in court Thursday at 10:30 a.m. to face charges for allegedly killing her two children and stuffing them in a freezer.

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