Billy Ray Patrick: Miley Cyrus’ Dad Supports Patrick Schwarzenegger, Says He’s A ‘Good Boy’

Billy Ray Cyrus supports Patrick Schwarzenegger, and thinks that his daughter’s boyfriend is a good kid. According to TMZ, Miley Cyrus’ dad was questioned by the paparazzi about Patrick’s romp in Mexico, and he didn’t seem to have a problem with any of it. The pictures of Patrick dancing with girls, and doing a body shot of a chick’s stomach has not swayed Billy Ray’s opinion of him apparently.

“He had fun. He’s a good boy,” said Cyrus when asked about Patrick’s time on spring break. TMZ seems to think that Billy Ray’s comments mean that Miley has forgiven Patrick, and that the two are still happily dating despite the hiccup. Certainly he wouldn’t say nice things if Miley and Patrick were in a bad place… or would he?

Billy Ray Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger might not be the best of pals, but it certainly sounds like Miley’s dad approves of her latest relationship. According to the Los Angeles Times, Patrick was quick to come to his own defense, posting several messages on Twitter about the girls that he was spotted with in Mexico. However, that was over a week ago, and Patrick hasn’t tweeted anything since.

Although Patrick and Miley were spotted having sushi together last Monday night, the two haven’t actually been out together, nor have they expressed any kind of PDA for anyone to truly know whether or not they are still a couple. Miley’s Instagram has been filled with everything under the sun, save for anything to do about her relationship with Patrick — or lack thereof.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Miley was recently in Las Vegas by herself, and that was fairly telling about the status of her relationship. Perhaps she and Patrick are still together, but the fact that she took her own solo trip suggests that she needed some time alone. While it is unclear if Patrick actually cheated on Miley, many believe that the photos of girls hanging all over him would be enough to turn Miley away.

Interestingly enough, sources say that it’s Patrick who is having a “hard time” with the whole thing.

“This whole thing has hit Patrick really hard because he was just on spring break and acting like a stupid frat boy. He feels bad that it would affect his relationship, but he 100 percent never cheated on Miley. He knows the pictures look bad, but honestly, nothing happened,” said a source.

Do you think Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger are still together? Should Miley stay with him after seeing those suggestive pictures of him with other girls?

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]