Mom Forces Daughter To Get Her Ears Pierced, Headlocks Her When She Refuses, Footage Sparks Outrage [Video]

Warning: Video contains graphic content and explicit language that may be offensive to some viewers.

Most doctors recommend children get their ears pierced as young as three months of age. In most cases, pain levels are reportedly more tolerable based on the child’s age. There’s also a lack of fear because most babies are unaware of what’s actually happening, which is why the recent experience was so horrific for one child.

Footage of a mother getting her daughter’s ears pierced has surfaced online. Needless to say, things definitely didn’t go smoothly. If the experience wasn’t bad enough, the mom also took things a step further by subduing her daughter to get the job done.

According to Fox2-Now, the video was reportedly uploaded to YouTube by the guy who pierced the little girl’s ears. Although his real name has not been released, his YouTube name is reportedly Pretty Rick. The video description actually explained the nature of the video. Although he belittled the little girl’s actions, many users were quite appalled at the lengths the mother went to in order to have the little girl’s ears pierced.

“This lil girl nearly lost her dammm mind when I was trying to Pierce her ears yall gotta watch this till the end,” he captioned.

The six-minute video shows the little girl, who appears to be about 6 or 7-years-old, kicking and screaming as the guy attempts to pierce her ears. When she refused to comply, her mom put her in a headlock so the guy could finish. She also threatened her daughter, saying if she punched her with a fist, it would hurt more than getting her ears pierced. She can also be heard telling her daughter that if she had to punch her and go to jail, it would be her fault.

Here’s an excerpt of the dialogue.

“You’re supposed to be a big girl,” the man filming can be heard saying.

“You stay just like that. You put your hand up there and I’m going to punch you,” the mom said.

“Ok, ok ok, ok,” the little girl cried.

“Now, squeeze your legs. We’re going to count to five; we’re going to give you five. One, put your hands down. Two, Three, calm down. Four, he’s going to get ready to do it, OK. Calm down. Five, hold on tight,” the mom said.

“No, no, no. Please don’t!” the girl said crying.

“He is a professional,” the mom said to reassure her daughter.

“But, it’s going to hurt,” the girl said.

“Me beating your a– with my fist will hurt worse.” said her mom. “I thought so, lets get this over with.”

“Please don’t, please don’t,” cried the little girl.

The shocking footage has left many viewers cringing. The mother has also been scrutinized for her extreme actions. The horrific experience is so appalling that many viewers have shared the footage because you’d have to watch it to actually believe it. The shocking video has gone viral on both Facebook and YouTube. Of course, many viewers and social media users have had no reservations about blasting the mother. Some have even insisted that her actions border child abuse.

Here are some of the comments.

“Threatening to beat her in the face with her fists? In front of everyone? I wish someone would beat the F– outta her THEN put her ass under the jail.”

“And the mother of the year award goes too….what terrible parents for making this poor little girl get her ears pierced. I’m thinking CPS should be called in on this one. She held her down and threatened her with physical abuse. I think there’s enough evidence here for an investigation. Mom- do us all a favor…stop having children, you’re obviously not very good at it.”

Oh my God! Why would you as a professional not say no? Seriously that was pure torture! That parent need to go to parenting classes. Now you put your baby out there on social media to be made a fool of by her peers. You are sick and totally disrespectful for posting this video. Let that be her choice to get her ears pierce not your. As a parent I would never force this upon a child. That baby was having a panic attack that could’ve lead to some serious in the matter of minutes. I pray to God someone investigate you as a parent this is sick. “Pretty Rick” there is nothing pretty about this event!”

Do you think the mom should face child abuse charges? Share your thoughts.

[Image via YouTube]