Public Raises Funds For Heather Hironimus’ Legal Battle, Her Ex Files Motion Against Its Use

A new development in a case involving Heather Hironimus, the mother of a four-year-old boy who has gone into hiding at an unspecified domestic violence shelter with her son in an attempt to prevent his court-ordered, medically unnecessary circumcision, has genital autonomy activists furious. A post on Intact America’s Facebook page informed concerned members of the public who have been following the circumcision saga of the new development.

“Hironimus case update: Yesterday, Nebus’ attorney entered a motion to deny Hironimus the use any funds collected for her by others. We don’t think the judge can possibly grant that motion. But every day, the importance of public opinion grows.”

A search of the Palm Beach County’s Clerk and Comptroller files confirmed that the motion from the boy’s father, Dennis Nebus, is listed in the county records. Nebus’s attorney, according to court records, filed the motion Tuesday.

A group known as Chase’s Guardians organized a fundraiser to help Heather Hironimus pay for legal costs in her fight against the four-year-old’s father. Hironimus and Nebus were never married, but in 2012, Hironimus and Nebus signed a parenting agreement to have the child circumcised after he was diagnosed with phimosis, a condition that prevents the retraction of the foreskin. According to NHS, the condition is normal in babies and toddlers.

Eventually, the child’s condition resolved itself as expected, and Hironimus refused to consent to the circumcision. A lengthy court battle ensued and heated up over the course of the past year, as reported by Inquisitr earlier. Chase’s Guardians specified on Facebook Wednesday that all funds raised for Heather Hironimus’ legal battle are donated to and held by Doctors Opposing Circumcision, a group of physicians who advocate for genital autonomy for males in equality to the legal genital autonomy currently held by girls. Doctors Opposing Circumcision is a non-profit organization and funds donated by Chase’s Guardians are earmarked for the legal team.

As of Wednesday, over 37,000 dollars was raised by the public on behalf of Heather’s legal battle. Nebus’ motion would disallow her legal team access to funds raised by groups like Chase’s Guardians.

“We all feel like this is our son,” Amber Baxley, founder of Chase’s Guardians, reportedly said, according to Huffington Post. “We’re fighting tooth-and-nail against this abhorrent, disgusting decision.”

According to the Sun Sentinel, Judge Jeffrey Gillen, who ultimately ordered Heather Hironimus to sign consent paperwork for her son’s circumcision, is furious with the boy’s mother for making a “spectacle” of him during the court proceedings and for turning to the public for support on what he considers a private matter.