Kidnapped Denise Huskins Found After Ransom Demanded For Safe Return [Video]

Denise Huskins, a physical therapist from Vallejo, California, was reported on Monday to have been kidnapped from her home, a ransom demanded for her safe return. Either the events surrounding the kidnapping for ransom are being kept closely hidden by police, or the the entire affair is a perplexing mystery.

As of this morning, Huskins has been reportedly found safe in the Huntington Beach area, the town where she grew up. There has been no mention of whether or not the demanded ransom was paid. Indeed, precious little is known except that her father has reported her safe return.

Aaron Quinn, the boyfriend of Denise Huskins, called 911 at 2 p.m. to report that Denise had been forcibly removed from his home on the Mare Island waterfront very early that morning. He claimed her abductors demanded a ransom for her safe return. Why did Quinn wait so many hours before reporting the abduction and demanded ransom? Police are not sure, but they say Quinn has been interviewed extensively and, as of now, they do not believe him to be a person of interest or suspect in her disappearance.

ABC 7 reports that the boyfriend was identified through DMV records. Quinn’s car was found in a location a ways from the Mare Island home, where the woman disappeared. Police suspect the vehicle is related to the abduction. Vallejo Police Lt. Ken Park spoke of the interview with Quinn.

“He was essentially saying that the female, Ms. Huskins, was forcibly taken against her will from the residence.”

Requesting aid from the FBI and Solano County Office of Emergency Services, Vallejo Police searched an area of interest in Mare Island marshland where a mass consistent with the size of a human body was found, and also had the victim’s car towed from Quinn’s home to be searched for evidence.

Today San Jose Mercury News reports that Denise Huskins has been found safe in Huntington Beach. According to CBS Sacramento, Denise placed a frenzied call to her father stating she was in Huntington Beach. While waiting to hear from the kidnappers regarding the demanded ransom, Mike Huskins released a statement to television station KPIX.

“This is overwhelming to me. I don’t understand it. That’s the hard part. I just don’t understand what’s going on. If she sees this, I want her to know that the family is there, we love her and we’re not giving up.”

So many questions still remain. Who demanded ransom for kidnapping Huskins? How much was the ransom? Was the demanded ransom paid? What do you think about this mysterious situation, and its alleged demanded ransom?

[Image via NBC Philadelphia]

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