Where Is Denise Huskins? California Woman Allegedly Abducted For Ransom

Authorities in California are looking for 30-year-old Denise Huskins. The Vallejo woman was reportedly kidnapped, and may currently be held for ransom. At least, that’s the information according to the last person who saw her, which is her boyfriend. The Las Vegas Review Journal reports that agents with the FBI are assisting Vallejo police officers in the search for the missing woman. Meanwhile, public concern is growing.

A Fox News affiliate reported that the missing woman’s car has been found, but may have been moved from the location where she was allegedly kidnapped. Police officials have confirmed that they are investigating this disappearance as a kidnapping with ransom demands. Vallejo Police Lt. Kenny Park addressed the concern that is growing over the search for this missing woman.

“Ms. Huskins’ whereabouts are unknown, and we are treating this matter as a kidnap for ransom. We’re worried about Ms. Huskins’ welfare. We don’t know where she’s at. And that’s why we’re coming to the public asking for their help.”

Authorities are asking for help from the public in looking for Denise Huskins, and the community surrounding Vallejo is pulling together and getting involved in the search for her. Park’s statements matched his prior comments when Denise’s disappearance was initially reported.

“As of this moment Ms. Huskins’ whereabouts are unknown and we are treating this matter as a kidnapping for ransom. The public should get involved because we’re worried about Ms. Huskins’ welfare and we don’t know where she’s at.”

Currently the FBI, U.S. Department of Justice and the Solano County Office of Emergency Services are involved in the search for Denise Huskins. Also, local media is crawling all over the area, and sharing up-to-the-minute details in the case on Twitter using the hashtag #DeniseHuskins.

The FBI seems to believe that this woman is being held for ransom for some reason, but why? Details in this case are sparse to say the least. Authorities are keeping a tight lid on things as the search for her continues.

The search for Denise Huskins is continuing through the evening with no end in sight. Meanwhile, reports are coming in about the personal details in her life — with hope that perhaps some information may shed light on information that may lead to why she was allegedly kidnapped, and by whom.

It should be noted, however, that the boyfriend of the missing woman has been questioned by police. The Daily Mail reports that the unidentified man was the last to see her and is the one who has given information to authorities about her alleged kidnapping.

[Photo: Vallejo Police Dept./Facebook via The Daily Mail]

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