Bill O’Reilly Bans CNN Reporter: Is Megyn Kelly Next?

It seems as if Bill O’Reilly, a man who notoriously criticizes others for not believing in his values, can’t take criticism very well. Business Insider explains Bill O’Reilly‘s retaliating move.

“The National Geographic Channel allegedly blocked a reporter from attending a premiere because the journalist has covered the ongoing scandal surrounding Fox News host Bill O’Reilly… CNN media reporter Tom Kludt wrote on Twitter that his press pass for for the Monday premiere of National Geographic Channel’s ‘Killing Jesus’ was denied ‘out of respect’ for O’Reilly.”

Bill O’Reilly has been under fire since Mother Jones disputed O’Reilly’s claims that while reporting for CBS, he was in a war zone in the 1982 conflict between Argentina and Britain. O’Reilly claimed there was so much rioting going on that he was scared for his life. He also said he had to save his photographer in a bloody mayhem. Several former colleagues disputed O’Reilly’s claims. The consensus was that Bill O’Reilly might have been in Argentina, but he definitely wasn’t in a war zone.

The left-wing media then attacked Bill O’Reilly for allegedly lying about witnessing a firefight in El Salvador and witnessing nuns being shot. The Huffington Post noted that two of O’Reilly‘s autobiographies, in which he talks extensively about his experience in El Salvador, make no mention of such aggressive combat. CBS doesn’t have any segment in their archives based on O’Reilly’s El Salvador claims. Of course, much of these accusations could be politically motivated, but none of them have been proven untrue.

Bill O’Reilly has been notorious for not being able to take criticism well. In the early 2000’s, his arch enemy was Senator Al Franken. As the Daily Beast indicates, Mr. Franken challenged a lot of Bill O’Reilly‘s claims that he thought were lies. One of those claims was that O’Reilly’s show, Inside Edition(1990s), won several Peabody awards. It turns out that Al Franken was correct. After that, O’Reilly slaughtered Franken on his show almost every night. However, that didn’t stop Al Franken from releasing the best-seller Lies And The Lying Lyers Who Tell Them, which had a lot of juicy information about Bill O’Reilly.

Mr. O’Reilly has recently made threats against the New York Times and other media outlets that he thinks are perpetuating lies. He has been a great success, but hasn’t learned about self control. One has to wonder if he would ban Megyn Kelly from his events as well, especially since she has criticized some of his viewpoints on the air. What do you make of Bill O’Reilly banning the CNN reporter? Let us know in the comments section.

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