Bill O’Reilly Says Fox News Isn’t Conservative After He Is Accused Of Lying

Bill O’Reilly has been under fire for the past couple months after being accused of lying about his past reporting. Now, he is under attack for saying that Fox News isn’t a conservative network. According to the Huffington Post, Bernard Goldberg argued with O’Reilly about the hypocrisy of accusing the liberal media of being biased.

The Huffington Post notes that after talking with Bill O’Reilly about the media’s influence on the 2016 presidential election, Goldberg went on a rant and accused Bill O’Reilly of being biased.

“What I think you went wrong with is not what you put into the memo, that was fine, but what you left out of the memo. What you left out is the hyper-partisanship on both sides in the media. Liberal news organizations are going to play down liberal screw-ups, but Fox News is gonna play down conservative screw-ups.”

This segment with Bernard Goldberg is just the latest in a series of hits on O’Reilly’s image. He certainly ruffled a lot of feathers last month when threatening a New York Times reporter. The incident was described by Politico.

“Mr. O’Reilly’s efforts to refute the claims by Mother Jones and some former CBS News colleagues occurred both on the air and off on Monday. During a phone conversation, he told a reporter for The New York Times that there would be repercussions if he felt any of the reporter’s coverage was inappropriate. ‘I am coming after you with everything I have,’ Mr. O’Reilly said. ‘You can take it as a threat.'”

The troubles for Bill O’Reilly came after Mother Jones disputed O’Reilly’s claims that while reporting for CBS, he was in a war zone in the 1982 conflict between Argentina and Britain. O’Reilly claimed there was so much rioting going on that he was scared for his life. He also said he had to save his photographer in a bloody mayhem. Several former colleagues disputed O’Reilly’s claims. The consensus was that Bill O’Reilly might have been in Argentina, but he definitely wasn’t in a war zone.

The left wing media then attacked Bill O’Reilly for allegedly lying about witnessing a firefight in El Salvador and witnessing nuns being shot. The Huffington Post noted that two of O’Reilly‘s autobiographies, in which he talks extensively about his experience in El Salvador, make no mention of such aggressive combat. CBS doesn’t have any segment in their archives based on O’Reilly’s El Salvador claims.

If Bill O’Reilly exaggerated his reporting experiences, he wouldn’t be the first. However, the battle between the right and left wing media outlets is so vicious that even when Bill O’Reilly is being truthful, he’ll still be called a liar.

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