NASA Pulls ‘Switcheroo’ When UFO Appears On ISS Camera, UFO Researcher Says — Cover-Up, Or…?

NASA pulled what one UFO researcher is calling a “switcheroo,” when an odd light that may be a UFO of some kind appeared suspended in space outside the International Space Station (ISS), suddenly switching cameras back to a feed that showed nothing, but the blackness of deep space beyond the ISS itself.

The prolific UFO hunter who goes by the YouTube screen name Streetcap1, posted a video excerpt of the NASA ISS live feed last week, a video that appears to show what “Streetcap1” apparently believes is a UFO.

Watch the video for yourself, above. Note that at the 0:14 mark, the camera angle changes for the first time to one which reveals a distinct, bright, white dot or “orb,” as one commenter on the video dubbed it, hanging in space in an area to the upper left of the space station.

The angle is held for a mere 13 seconds before the camera abruptly, at the 0:27 mark, switches back to the original angle in which only a portion of the ISS itself is visible and beyond it, nothing.

Here are screen captures from the “switcheroo” video, first showing the original angle…

And here is the angle that appears for only 13 seconds, with the mysterious white object…

NASA rarely comments on such “discoveries” by UFO hunters, which turn up with impressive frequency not only on the ISS live feed, but in most NASA photos and video images, including those from the Mars Curiosity Rover.

But photo experts have usually dismissed the anomalies as nothing but “hot pixels,” that is, tiny imperfections in the digital photographic image that, when magnified, appear to take on a greatly exaggerated significance.

But not everyone sees it that way.

“Wonder what it feels like when these people wake up in the mournings and realize their job is to deceive humanity? hmmm,” wrote commenter nuggz503 on the recent YouTube video posting.

“‘Switcheroo’ — like it. I’m impressed how NASA is still trying hiding the fact that there’s a massive problem with Ufos since years. It’s time to reveal the evidence!” wrote another, Claire Papillon.

In January of this year, Streetcap1 posted a video that grabbed the attention of UFO enthusiasts, apparently showing NASA suddenly cutting the ISS video feed as soon as a strange object appeared over Earth’s horizon.

But an investigation by the rumor-debunking site, Snopes, slammed the report of a NASA UFO cover-up, at least in this case, as “False,” calling the abrupt cutoff of the ISS feed “a common video interruption” and identifying the mysterious object as nothing other than the moon.

[Image: NASA]