Man Princess Niece: 26-Year-Old Uncle Wears Princess Dress On Date With 4-Year-Old Niece

A man dressed as a princess in order to make his niece feel more comfortable, and his story has gone viral. According to Mail Online, Jesse Nagy, 26, decided to give his 4-year-old niece a boost in confidence by joining her in princess attire. The two were set to see Cinderella at the movies, but Izzy was nervous about wearing her princess gown to the theater. No worries, though. Her Uncle Jesse (please catch the Full House reference) totally saved the day.

“Sometimes you just have to be a princess. Going to see Cinderella! Uncle of the year,” he wrote along with a photo of himself and Izzy dressed in princess gowns.

The man who dressed as a princess for his niece borrowed the dress from a friend. While the uncle/niece duo got quite a few strange looks at the Alabama movie theater, they received internet fame as well. An employee at the theater snapped his own pic of the two, and posted it on Reddit,where it quickly went viral.

According to ABC News, Jesse had no idea that this would blow up so big. He just wanted to spend some time with his niece, and said that he would do just about anything to make her happy.

“She’s like my mini-me. I really wanted to spend time with her, so I said ‘let’s go have a princess day.’ She said ‘you could be a princess too.’ We made the trade-off and I said, ‘OK, we can both be princesses,’ but she had to have the crown. I thought ‘fair enough!’ If it’s going to make her happy, I’ll do it, I don’t care,” said Jesse.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Jesse wore a blue and purple prom dress with flip flops, and while his tattoos were visible, he clearly didn’t even care what he looked like. He was not doing this for attention, nor was he trying to become famous. He simply wanted to have a special day with his young niece. Certainly, this is something that she’s going to remember forever, and, if she forgets, there are a few photos floating around to remind her. How sweet!

[Photo courtesy of Facebook]