Uncle Wears Dress To Movie Theater So His Niece Isn’t Embarrassed To Wear Her Cinderella Gown

Jesse Nagy, 23, wanted to take his little niece to see Cinderella in the theater over the weekend, since she loves the Disney classic. However, she seemed upset because she was too embarrassed to wear her Cinderella gown to the theater. Nagy couldn’t stand seeing his beloved niece so sad, so he spent some time pondering what he could do to perk her up a bit. After some contemplation, he decided to reach out to a friend of his and see if she could help. As a result, Nagy borrowed her old prom dress and decided to wear the purple gown to the movie alongside his niece.

Jesse Nagy’s picture was captured by a Reddit user, according to Cosmopolitan. The user, presumably an employee at the theater, could not pass up the chance to engage in conversation with Nagy and take his picture, posting it for the world to see. Rather than make fun of Nagy, the Reddit user decided to portray him as a hero and an uncle of the year. The picture was titled, “Niece was embarrassed to wear her princess costume to the movies. The uncle didn’t like that…” The image has received quite a bit of positive publicity on the internet, showing that uncles don’t always have to be strong and macho individuals, but can be caring as well.

Uncle Wears Dress To Cinderella

Metro U.K. shared that the image was taken in Alabama, where Nagy took his young niece Izzy to see Cinderella. Nagy was not shy about slipping his tattooed frame into the puffy purple dress, accentuated with flip flops and a sequined purse. Instead, he wore the princess gown with pride, knowing that he did it for Izzy and no one else. Izzy was no longer embarrassed to wear her princess gown, and will now have a special moment in time to share with her children when she grows older.

Not all men would step up in such a manner to please a niece, little sister, or even a young daughter. Many would have foregone the dress and might not care if the young girl wore a gown or not. However, Nagy is not the typical man. He saw that his young niece Izzy had an issue with wearing her dress, something that might seem insignificant, but he realized that worrying about her image at such a young age is a level of stress that she should not endure. So, he transferred the focus on to him, allowing little Izzy to feel more comfortable in her gown.

[Photo Courtesy: Metro U.K./Facebook]

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