University Of Alabama Preparing To Target Wichita State Coach Gregg Marshall To Take Over Vacant Head Coaching Role

The University of Alabama is known for being one the top athletic programs in college sports. We know of their football program, led by Nick Saban, which has won multiple SEC and National Championships in the last decade. However, Alabama has had tremendous baseball and softball programs, as well as gymnastics program, which just won a National Title. However, the one program they have yet to dominate in is basketball. This could change with the latest news regarding Alabama.

According to CBS Sports, Alabama is going to go after Gregg Marshall to take over their vacant basketball head coaching job. Marshall has been the head coach at Wichita State for the last number of years, and has been tremendous with the program. On top of that, they have made a lot of noise in the NCAA Tournament. While Alabama has had many players play for them who have gone on to have good NBA careers, most notably Robert Horry…they’ve never won a National Championship in basketball.

Alabama is not a basketball school, so it seems recruits never show up as much as they do even for the team down south of them known as UAB.

UAB has proven this year alone that they can win in basketball by not only capturing the C-USA Conference Title, but also going to the third round of the NCAA Tournament. They even had a team of Freshmen and Sophomores starting! This is not something that sits well with The University of Alabama, who wants to be the best in the state at everything they do.

With Auburn now also making a push to be great in basketball, it is about time Alabama does so as well. Marshall could be a step in the right direction. While some would wonder why he’d leave a successful program in Wichita State, money talks. Alabama is preparing to offer a $3 million a year deal to Marshall to have him jump to be their head coach.

One source noted that Alabama is prepared to offer the following.

“piles of money, an athletic department with a culture of winning and every resource he[Marshall] needs to compete with anybody on a national level.”

With Alabama’s money, they clearly feel they can offer all of this and more, which is something Wichita State cannot do right now. Plus, this is a bigger school and a high profile job that will pay like it. However, it is tougher as well. At Wichita State, there were no expectations the first year, at Alabama there will be. It might take a few years to bring Alabama up. However, they are an impatient bunch.

Gregg Marshall has made 4 consecutive NCAA Tournaments and went to the Final Four in 2013. So, clearly, he has valuable experience. At only 52, he is more than able to stick around for a big overhaul of the basketball program to make it into a national powerhouse that can compete with the likes of Kentucky one day.

Alabama is said to be determined to make a big basketball hire to replace Anthony Grant. If Marshall does not jump over, then Alabama is prepared to go after other big names for sure. However, once the NCAA Tourny is over or Wichita State is beaten, Alabama is set to go hard for Marshall. Will they be able to sign him? If money and resources to win mean a lot to a head coach, then you better believe he will.

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