‘Star Wars 8’ Cast: Oscar Isaac Teases Return

The Star Wars 8 cast may include Oscar Isaac, but we can’t confirm it yet. The actor hinted at his return in the Rian Johnson helmed sequel, and then said he doesn’t really know.

If the original trailer for The Force Awakens was anything to go by, Oscar Isaac appears to be the main hero, much like Mark Hamill’s Luke Skywalker. This possibility is due to us seeing him pilot an X-wing, the starship that Skywalker was known for.

With the departure of J.J. Abrams from the director’s chair, there came news last September that veteran actors Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, and Carrie Fisher will also see their final roles in The Force Awakens. This isn’t including the spin-offs, such as the Han Solo movie, which theInquisitr says might be where Ford’s character finally dies.

It might make sense to only have the veteran actors leaving after The Force Awakens, as a symbolic way of passing the proverbial torch to a new generation. So far, that new generation includes Daisy Ridley, Lupita Nyong’o, John Boyega, and Oscar Isaac, so it looks like the franchise that George Lucas built is moving on to new storylines.

The possibility of the Star Wars 8 cast bringing back Oscar Isaac seems strong, though he admits he hasn’t spoken with Rian Johnson yet.

“Ah, I couldn’t speak to that. I don’t even know. I think generally…watching the trailer was my only confirmation that I even was going to be in this one so I have no idea. I know that people thought I was saying I was going to be in the next one which is not true. I was asked if I was excited to work with Rian Johnson. I mean of course I would. I’d be excited to work with him. I have no confirmation whether I will or not or anything like that.”

The rumor of Oscar Isaac joining the Star Wars 8 cast looks very promising, though. His character Poe Dameron looks to be a major protagonist, appearing high on the list on the Internet Movie Database, so it wouldn’t make much sense to kill him off in the first movie.

Not much is known about the Star Wars 8 story, and thanks to J.J. Abrams’ secrecy and anti-drone security, we still don’t know much about The Force Awakens.

Who do you think will be back for the Star Wars 8 cast?

[Image via Entertainment Weekly]