‘Star Wars’ Actor Oscar Isaac Talks Surviving Deadly Disaster

Oscar Isaac has had a huge year in his career. In 2014, he starred in Inside Llewyn Davis, which garnered some awards attention, and then shortly there after he was cast as pilot Poe Dameron
in J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

To say that he’s been a busy guy is a huge understatement. The actor sat down with Details magazine to reveal some Star Wars tidbits, and even spoke about surviving a deadly disaster that happened before he was a big movie star.

Oscar revealed that he was a bit of a troublemaker in school. He described one odd incident where he was kicked out of his private school for trespassing and petting animals.

“I’d petted some animals I wasn’t supposed to pet. The school was built around this guy’s ranch, and there was a big wall, and we never knew what was on the other side. Me and my friend jumped over and found all these exotic animals — guard emus and the craziest tiny little beavers. We just started petting them all. Why wouldn’t you? But the guy complained.”

Other than that his other typical rebellious teenage behavior consisted of vandalism, and defacing a mural.

He then explained that his bad boy path was intervened by a deadly natural disaster. The school which he was supposed to transfer to full-time was wrecked by a category five hurricane called Hurricane Andrew. The hurricane ended up killing 23 people back in 1992. Oscar painted the terrifying scene, as he was home at the time.

“We were huddled inside with cushions over us. The roof was torn off and the water was coming up. I was holding my dog. My room got completely swept away.”

As for Star Wars, his family is super excited about it and went all out. His uncle is a huge fan of the series and “almost fainted” when he told him of the news.

When filming was underway, Oscar’s uncle made shirts that said, “ESTAR GUARS EPISODE VII.”

J.J. was so impressed by his uncle’s dedication that he had Isaac fly him out from Guatemala to be in the film. “I gave them to everybody and told [director] J.J. Abrams, who was like, ‘Does he wanna be in the movie?’ He’s an extra in a scene with me. How amazing is that?”

[Photo by Michael N. Todaro / Getty Images]

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