July 14, 2017
Scott Peterson Cushy: Convicted Killer Living 'Cushy' Life On Death Row In California

Scott Peterson is living a cushy life on death row 10 years after his sentencing. According to Mail Online, Peterson -- who was convicted of murdering his pregnant wife, Laci -- has been on death row at the San Quentin prison in California, and things aren't as miserable for him as you might think. While some prisoners spend about 23 hours locked in a cell, Peterson is out and about, playing basketball, and looking "buff."

"I saw this quite, I would have to say, buff-looking young man with his shirt off. And he was playing basketball. He looked like you were watching some college athletes out on a neighborhood court play basketball. [Others] are not having the life Scott Peterson is having. Scott Peterson has an exclusive life inside San Quentin," said author Nancy Mulane during an interview with Fox News.

Scott Peterson's "cushy" life on death row also includes the best accommodations one can expect in such a facility. According to Yahoo! News, Mulane, who penned Life After Murder: Five Men in Search of Redemption, Peterson lives in a single cell-- yes, his very own "room" -- in NorthSeg, which is the "exclusive" part of the prison. Those who spend most of their lives at San Quentin only wish to be granted a spot in NorthSeg. Evidently, it's the place to be... if you have to be.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Peterson hasn't shown remorse since his arrest. He still maintains that he is innocent, and his attorney filed an appeal in 2012. It is unknown what the outcome of said appeal will be.If his appeal does end up seeing a courtroom, there is a chance that Peterson will die in prison before he gets a date. The last time an inmate from San Quentin was killed by lethal injection was in 2006. The prison currently holds the most death row prisoners in the country.

So for now, Scott Peterson will continue living a cushy lifestyle behind bars. He was sentenced to death back in 2005. A date for his lethal injection has not yet been announced.

[Photo by Getty Images]