Kym Johnson And Robert Herjavec Caught Kissing, DWTS Dance Partners Still Deny Dating Each Other [Video]

Australian dancing pro Kym Johnson is rumored to be having a romantic relationship with her dancing partner, Shark Tank tycoon Robert Herjavec and the two seem to be sending out mixed signals to the public.

In a teaser for the Dancing with the Stars Monday night episode, Johnson expressed that they were too busy dancing to mind all the rumors. Despite the 38-year-old pro dancer’s statement however, the media’s attention was focused on Herjavec’s as he shared that “he loves hanging out with Kim.”

“She’s a lot of fun to be with,” he said.

The two’s behavior during the short clip also roused a lot of suspicions. In a Mail Online article, they were described as behaving in a “flirty fashion.” Throughout the interview, Johnson and Herjavec shared long looks and were bumping each other’s shoulders as they talked about the foxtrot which they are performing on the show this week. The DWTS couple were also showed giggling and smiling happily as they rehearsed their dance.

Another instance that fueled the rumors was when an insider revealed that the two were acting intimately towards each other during an after party of the DWTS Monday night show. They were reported to have been “holding hands and dancing closely” before the two “snuck in a couple of kisses.”

A different source confirmed Johnson and Herjavec’s intimacy to US Weekly saying, “Kym and Robert were definitely attracted to each other from the get-go. They are constantly all over each other. She can’t stop talking about what a good, nice guy he is. They have an insane chemistry and are actually a good match.”

Furthermore, the two were also caught smooching on a video by a TMZ cameraman but when asked if they were in a relationship, Herjavec nicely refuted explaining, “We’re great friends. It’s an incredible experience (in reference to participating in DWTS) to go through, it’s nice to make friends with somebody and she’s an incredible teacher.”

When told that they make a great couple, the two just smiled it off. The cameraman also asked if it was love at first sight for the two of them and in response, Herjavec joked, “It was dancing at first sight.”

Johnson formerly dated her DWTS Australia partner Tom Williams. She has never been married but was engaged to cricket player Shane Watson whom she broke up with after spending three years together.

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