WWE News: Samoa Joe Confirms He’s Signing With WWE At Independent Wrestling Show

WWE has been trying to bring in the top wrestlers in the world for the last couple years it seems. Triple H has taken over Talent Relations and now controls developmental. Which means he controls WWE NXT, and all the talent and shows we see developmental do all comes back to The Game. So it is cool to see when he hires people that he knows the fans will like. It appears that he may very well be doing that yet again, this time with a much bigger name, Samoa Joe.

Samoe Joe has worked with TNA Wrestling for over a decade. He attempted to work with WWE before and had a try-out but didn’t make it. He was known for his Ring of Honor work, but when TNA made the decision to not allow TNA stars to stay with ROH too… wrestlers had to choose sides. People such as CM Punk chose ROH while AJ Styles among others chose to stay with TNA.

Joe was one of many who were from ROH that made an impact with TNA, and he may now have a similar impact with WWE. According to Daily Wrestling News, Samoa Joe may very well be close to signing on to work with WWE. Apparently he’s been telling people at an Indy show in Queens that he’ll be with WWE soon. In fact, he is wrapping up his ROH tour at WrestleMania 31 during the big Indy weekend push. Afterward, he’ll be coming to WWE.

The original word we got was that Joe would be brought in for a try-out but only given a job if he passes physicals as well as a ring test. That very well may still be the case but for now it looks all but confirmed he’ll sign on.

It is expected that Samoa Joe will start with WWE NXT, which is probably for the best. Triple H really likes Joe and NXT would give him a chance to show what he has. Kevin Dunn and Vince McMahon aren’t big fans of Joe, so an NXT run might change their minds.

Samoa Joe is one of the best wrestlers in the world and he is not bad on the microphone either. Whether or not he gets an opportunity on the main roster is yet to be seen. However, he is potentially starting with WWE NXT “if” he gets signed to a WWE contract. So he will hopefully try hard to impress, which can only mean great television content for us.

[IMG Credit: caq.fr]