‘The X-Files’ Plans Are Falling Into Place With Hopes For A New Season

Talk of an X-Files reboot or revival started with just a murmur and has now grown to an overwhelming roar with fans and former stars of The X-Files shouting, “I want to believe.” Fox has ordered a short-stack run of The X-Files, similar to the miniseries revival of 24: Live Another Day, and although the exact number of episodes has yet to be determined, TV Wise reports that the exact number could be anywhere from six to 10 episodes.

It has already been revealed that both Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny are both onboard for the revival of The X-Files, which originally ran from 1993 through 2002. Chris Carter, creator of The X-Files, is also onboard for the revival. It seems the real obstacle at this point consists mainly of timing The X-Files filming schedule to accommodate each of the key participants: David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, and Chris Carter.

David Duchovny will be busy with a new series, Aquarius, set to debut in May on NBC, while Gillian Anderson is committed to The Fall on BBC.

So why the short order style for The X-Files revival? Primarily, the previously-mentioned scheduling conflicts keep Ms. Anderson and Mr. Duchovny from participating in anything too long term. While both Duchovny and Anderson have always been interested in returning to The X-Files, the fame brought on by The X-Files has placed each of them in high demand for many other projects.

Offers to return other popular characters to The X-Files revival have gone out to actors such as Mitch Pileggi.

Fox ordered the short miniseries style of reboot for The X-Files for another reason, and this may give fans a hint as to what the overall plot might entail. There were some lingering storylines that were left open-ended with the end of The X-Files in 2002 and Fox wants to give the story some closure. Specifically, the X-Files last film, I Want To Believe, left fans with a sour taste in the way that so much was left up in the air. Fox has asked Chris Carter to use The X-Files return to bring some closure for the fans.

With so much teasing and taunting, each new tidbit further drives fans of The X-Files into a frenzy, but Fox is hopeful that an official deal can be agreed upon within the coming weeks. Sources indicate that fans of The X-Files should expect a “big announcement” by May with filming to begin this summer.