Alexandria ‘Alexa’ Morra: Web Cam Model Pleads Not Guilty To Filming Adult Videos In Public Library

Alexandria “Alexa” Morra pled not guilty to filming adult videos inside a public library, among other locations. The 21-year-old woman, as previously identified on the Inquisitr, hails from Windsor, Canada. She was accused of committing an indecent act, according to lawyer Patrick Ducharme. Alexandria originally hired Tyler Jones as her lawyer, but changed over to Ducharme during the weekend of March 10.

Ducharme told CBC News that he expects Morra’s case to go on trial. Morra has been charged with one count of committing an indecent act in a public place, according to the news site. This charge follows on the heels of a CBC investigation that discovered that Morra filmed over a dozen of sexually explicit performances that were taken at two Windsor Public Library locations, including other public locations such as several Tim Hortons’ coffee shops.

Section 173 of the Criminal Code of Canada explains that an indecent act applies to “everyone who willfully does an indecent act in a public place in the presence of one or more persons, or in any place with intent to insult or offend any person.” The charge also includes those who “in any place, for a sexual purpose, exposes his or her genital organs to a person who is under the age of 16 years.”


Alexandria used the screen name “lilsecrett” on the popular adult chat site MyFreeCams. She was a webcam model who broadcasted dozens of her live solo sex shows from Windsor’s Riverside and Fontainebleau library locations, according to The Windsor Star. Alexandria was very reportedly popular with the members and viewers on the chat site. She would get as many as over a thousand members in her room during her very public and very risqué live sex shows.

If the trial is brought as an indictable offence, Morra will face a maximum penalty of two years in jail. If it goes on as a summary conviction, she could face up to six months of jail. Defence Law also states that a summary conviction can include either a fine of up to $5,000, up to six months’ of jail, or both. That could also mean Morra could also find herself charged with a fine for each count of indecency.

Not only did Alexandria perform in public libraries, but she also performed inside coffee shops and public parks, just feet away from children and families. Some of the children appeared on video during the time she was caught filming lewd sexual acts inside the Windsor Public Library. In one of the videos, a little girl comes up to her during the middle of her performance, but Alexandria quickly shoos her away.


Morra’s fans would say that she’s performing legal pornography, but she the problem is that she’s doing it inside a public library – with children and families around.

“It’s indecent acts, it’s nudity,” Sgt. Matt D’Asti of the Windsor Police said.

So why did Alexandria willingly perform live sex shows and film adult videos at various public places? It was all about the money, of course.

A former webcam model named JuJu told The Windsor Star: “Some of these girls are making over $1,000 a day doing public library shows, probably a lot more.”

In fact, some members request that cam girls perform in public locations. Some of these performers can expect a hefty compensation in return. The cam model also told CBC News, “The reason she’s going to the library is because it’s become very lucrative. A lot of models are making a lot of money doing it… whether it’s the library or at a public park.”


It doesn’t seem like it’s worth it since Morra was fired from MyFreeCams after her being found out for her “inappropriate activity,” which is against the site’s rules and guidelines. An attorney for MyFreeCams reportedly told XBIZ last week that Morra is “a former model who was terminated for violation of company policy.”

It’s any wonder if the cam girl will now market on her fame, like Kendra Sunderland did shortly after being arrested for filming an adult video inside Oregon State University’s school library. She banked on her 15 minutes of fame by starting her own adult entertainment website and launching a sugar dating site.

Alexandria Morra is due for her next court appearance on April 15. What are your thoughts on her charge for performing an indecent act in a public place? Do you think it’s fair, or do you think she should receive a harsher punishment?

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