Missing Alaska Family: Remains Found Two Miles From Their Kenai Home

The remains of a missing Alaska family have been found on a remote trail not far from their home in Kenai. The family of four disappeared suddenly last May. Rebecca Adams, 23, along with her two daughters, Michelle 6, Jarraca, 3, and her boyfriend Brandon Jividen, 38, and the family dog, Sparks, went missing without a trace and prompted a massive law enforcement search during the past 10 months.

FBI investigators and local police officers from Alaska have reportedly been able to determine that the remains recently found belong to the missing Kenai family. An individual was driving along the trail on Saturday and spotted some items which have been publicized among the missing articles from the home of Brandon Jividen, Rebecca Adams, and her daughters Michelle and Jarraca. Kenai is approximately 65 miles southwest of Anchorage at the mouth of the Kenai River.

Law enforcement officers have secured the densely wooded area with crime scene tape and have erected a tent for forensics experts to utilize during the ongoing investigation into what could be a quadruple murder. During an interview with ABC, Alaska police Lieutenant David Cook said, “At this point it’s not apparent where they have gone or where they might be. The investigation does not show that is foul play at this point, but we are very deep into the investigation of the missing persons.”

The Kenai area law enforcement officer did not share specific details about the discovery of items from the Jividen and Adams’ home, but he did note that the primary search area included a wooded region close to the family’s home on California Street. According to previous statements made by relatives, the Alaska family was last seen on Mary 27, 2014.

Rebecca Adams, Brandon Jividen, and the two little girls appeared to leave their home “without packing,” the loved ones added during discussions with the media. The rental payment for their home for the following month went unpaid and the vehicles belonging to Jividen and Adams remained parked in their usual spaces.

Lanell Adams, the sister of Rebecca Adams, said that the young mother had sounded “very distressed” during a phone conversation the two shared the week the family went missing. Lanell Adams went to Alaska in search of her sister and nieces after a neighbor reported to police that the apartment appeared deserted on June 5.

“She sounded very distressed. She said, ‘Know that I love you’ and that she had to get off the phone very quickly. Growing up we always had this thing, we say ‘Thou shall not lie” and you always have to tell the truth. I asked her, ‘Thou shall not lie, Becca, are you ok?’ She said, ‘Don’t ask me that right now. Just know that I love you,'” Lanell Adams said. Rebecca Adams’ uncle, Dennis Giffords, said “You have a shred of hope that they will be found. And that shred has been taken away,” during an interview with the Alaska Dispatch News.

“We have dog teams and helicopter teams assisting as well. The FBI has made a lot of resources available and we are pouring all our resources into the search. This is our top priority,” Lt. Cook added.

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