Pilot Proposes To Flight Attendant Girlfriend Aboard Alaska Airlines Flight [Video]

This is perhaps the sweetest thing you will hear today. Passengers on board an Alaska Airlines flight from Seattle to Juneau on March 18 were in for a special surprise on what seemed to be just another routine (read: boring) flight. A few minutes into the flight, the plane was already flying at its cruising altitude of 34,000 feet.

That’s when a crackle from the public address system caught everyone’s attention. Another routine update from the captain, everyone thought initially. However, for Brandy Hollenbeck, the flight attendant on duty aboard the flight, the voice was eerily familiar. It belonged to her pilot boyfriend Eric Greener. But how could that be? The plane was rostered to fly with two other pilots. She was pretty sure Eric was not aboard this flight.

By now, passengers aboard the Alaska Airlines flight realized that this was not your usual address to the passengers. The voice from the cabin was describing the whirlwind love story between the two. Brandy, who was handing out drinks to her passengers stopped in her tracks and couldn’t understand how her boyfriend’s voice was on the plane’s PA system. Meanwhile, the voice continued talking about how both of them met for the first time and about the time they spend together. Eric described Brandy as the girl of her dreams. A few seconds later, everyone aboard the plane heard Eric say the magic words.

“Brandy Hollenbeck, I’ve loved you since the moment I met you and I want to be the man for you for the rest of your life. Will you marry me?”

And right after this, the cockpit doors opened and pilot Eric Greener walked down the plane’s aisle towards a shocked Hollenbeck, who had by this time already burst into tears — just like several other passengers aboard this no-longer-routine flight. Within seconds, the passengers applauded the couple and cheered for them. In fact, the atmosphere was so happy, Hollenbeck actually forgot to reply to Eric’s proposal! A passenger reminded her and told her to say “Yes”! The video of the entire incident has been uploaded to YouTube as well!

Later, Hollenbeck realized how Eric’s co-workers and staff members of Alaska Airlines had planned this proposal way back in advance. In fact, according to New York Daily News, every other colleague of Eric, ranging from the co-pilots and fellow flight attendants to the gate keepers at the airport, were aware of the plan. With everyone in the loop, they managed to smuggle Eric into the cockpit without Hollenbeck’s knowledge. They all knew Eric would propose to her once the plane reached 34,000 feet.

“The pilots were in on it, the gate agents were in on it, everyone was coordinating this proposal. I had no idea,”

The Inquisitr has in the past reported about several interesting marriage proposals. However, don’t you think this one made at 34,000 feet above ground deserves a special mention?

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