WWE News: WWE Superstar Bo Dallas Being Repackaged And Brought Back Up To Be Bray Wyatt’s Brother?

Bray Wyatt has been over for some time now, which is a good thing in today’s WWE. Now he is in a match with a WWE Legend at WrestleMania 31 known as The Undertaker. While there are many who do not think this match should happen, it is going to. What happens in the match is unknown, but it’ll give us something interesting as all Taker matches have done in the last number of years.

The idea that is being presented with Wyatt is to have him sort of become our generation’s version of The Undertaker character. While he can never go undefeated at WrestleMania, seeing as he may lose on Sunday and lost last year to John Cena….his character can be great for WWE for years to come. Being just 28 years old, Wyatt has a long career ahead of him.

That said, he will need another “family” eventually. That seems to be already in place. There are rumors coming out of Cageside Seats among many other places that Bo Dallas could be repackaged soon. The rumor is that he may come up to the main roster soon as a Bo Wyatt or something similar. Since Bo has not gotten over on his own, there is a chance he could with his real life brother.

The Bo Dallas character was interesting but quite weak. When your finisher is the Stratusfaction, a move used by former WWE Diva Trish Stratus….it doesn’t make you look good as a male competitor. That does not demean the move, but it’s simply not believable as a finisher these days for men. Additionally, his body has not been up to par for a WWE Superstar. Even more to the problem is that he is quite limited as a character when the idea for the character is perfect.

Since Bo is the real life brother of Bray, the idea is pretty good. Stick him with his brother until he is over enough to work on his own. Bringing up someone like Erick Rowan alone wouldn’t have worked. However, his work with Wyatt gave him credibility. While he may not be where he needs to be just yet, he is in a good mid-card position. Far better than what he would have been.

Bo has potential, and since he’s just 24-years-old, he has time to be good down the line. He doesn’t have to get over big time right now as his career is far from over. That said, a pairing with his brother could help his WWE career greatly. It could even save it. WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon has already soured on Dallas. So if he doesn’t have something notable to do any time soon, it may be the end of Bo in WWE. Thankfully his brother is quite over, so it’s worth a try.

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