Ted Cruz Website Says Support Barack Obama And Immigration Reform?

Just one day before Ted Cruz is rumored to be announcing his official candidacy for the 2016 Republican nomination, the conservative figure has been hit by one of his first jabs in the battle for the White House — one that has him pledging support for the current occupant, Barack Obama.

Seeing that the domain TedCruz.com was up for grabs, some pranksters took advantage of the situation and posted a very un-Ted like message that will instead find users looking for Cruz’s official page. That message called for support for all the things that Ted has built his career taking a stand against.

Although the website has had the same content hosted for quite some time now, it seems to have picked up a revival in traffic on the eve of Cruz’s big announcement.

As it turns out, Cruz doesn’t own http://t.co/YJjBuNFI9T. This will be a marvelous primary. #TrollOn

— Goldie Taylor (@goldietaylor) March 23, 2015

Ted Cruz is set to announce his presidential candidacy within just a few hours. It’s almost certain that the appearance of an actual grab for the office will outshadow the gag at TedCruz.com, but it doesn’t mean that Ted is in for any less of a fight to secure the nomination. In fact, online detractors have already started posted a series of fake campaign slogans mocking the candidate.

Within the next few weeks, Rand Paul is also set to announce his official campaign to land the Republican nomination, according to the Washington Times. Rand is just one of currently rather thick swash of potential candidates for the Republican nomination for president. With candidates of Latin heritage like Cruz and Indian heritage like Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal, it could serve to be most diverse field ever for the party. Heavyweights like Jeb Bush and Wisconsin governor Scott Walker will only add to an already competitive field.

[Image via TedCruz.com]