Crying Villanova Band Girl Becomes #PiccoloGirl, #FluteGirl Meme On Twitter — But What’s Her Real Name?

There is one crying girl who has become the symbol of what it feels like to lose valiantly, and yet the band plays on. In this instance, the girl who cried was actually in the band — the Villanova band — with beautiful deep blue ribbons in her hair as she played a piccolo in tears. After March Madness saw a big Villanova loss, as reported by the Inquisitr, with Nova losing to the No. 8 seed North Carolina State, NC State made the news for their locker room antics and chants, asking, “The f*** wrong with Obama?” due to President Obama’s bracket picks.

As a result of the big loss, the Associated Press reports some of the best Twitter memes that have appeared after the camera lingered on the crying piccolo player, with folks using Photoshop or other photo-editing tools to make Joe Biden appear creepily in the background of the #FluteGirl photos, comforting her with both his hands on her shoulders.

Some variations borrowed a line from the movie Whiplash, showing Terence Fletcher screaming over the shoulder of the piccolo player that she was playing the wrong tempo.

Plenty of tweets mention how often folks mistake a flute for a piccolo.

While MTV called the piccolo-playing young woman a representative of the tear-soaked face of all NCAA losing teams, it’s only a matter of time before the hashtags of “Flute Girl” and “Piccolo Girl” are replaced by the girl’s real name and she’s making the morning talk show rounds or doing The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, talking about her sadness and the surprising viral reaction.

As a result of her tears and her chosen band instrument, the weeping woman has reopened a debate about piccolos versus flutes, and how to distinguish one from another.

Overall, the consensus on Twitter is that the sobbing woman played a piccolo, not a flute, although the latter is easier to spell.

[Image of #PiccoloGirl via Twitter]

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