‘The F*** Wrong With Barack Obama?’ NC State Video Goes Viral [Video]

Perhaps the video is all a matter of how you look at the question, but either way, after NC State won over Villanova, members of the team wanted to know: “The f*** wrong with Barack Obama?”

As reported by SB Nation, perhaps the first thing accomplished after winning a big NCAA tournament game is to turn to live TV and curse out the President of the United States, but from the smiles of the NC State players in the video, it’s apparent they found humor in Wolfpack guard Anthony “Cat” Barber asking what is wrong with the Commander-in-Chief for picking Villanova over NC State.

According to Yahoo!, President Obama had selected Villanova instead of NC State to advance to the Sweet 16 round, and was sorely mistaken. The video footage of the team was taken in the locker room after the win, and folks are noting that it’s interesting that Obama’s bracket choices were what was pressing on Barber’s mind after winning in a huge tournament upset.

Another person also felt the president’s NCAA bracket choices weren’t quite right, and that person is Ron Hunter — coach of Georgia State — a man making his own headlines for his emotional speech that displayed his love for his team, and his son R.J. after their recent loss, as reported by the Inquisitr. Hunter previously quipped that POTUS does a better job in the White House than when his bracket showed the fact that President Obama selected Baylor to win over Georgia State, when in fact Ron literally fell out of his chair watching his son make a huge game-winning play against Baylor.

A search for “NC State” Obama on Twitter turns up myriad reactions to the team cursing and asking “The f*** wrong with Barack Obama?” While some questioned what the fallout will be from such a question, others on Twitter took the question in stride. As expected, some Twitter users took the opportunity to chime in on plenty of things they felt were wrong with Obama.

“What will happen to the basketball player who cursed Obama?”

“I’ll never be president, mostly because I don’t want teams to trash talk my bracket every time I miss a game.”

Still others quipped sarcastically that asking what the “f*** is wrong with” Obama was a classy move. Some Twitter users continued to joke about the shocking question and use it as a reason to throw a dig against the president’s bracket skills.

“NC State should be thanking Obama for not picking them. They would’ve lost if he had.”

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