Pasinetta Prince, Patrick Bauldwin: TV One Profiles Death Of Actress On ‘Fatal Attraction’

Pasinetta Prince, aka Pasinetta Fitzgerald, will have her murder case profiled on an upcoming episode of Fatal Attraction. The crime show will chronicle parts of Pasinetta Prince’s life as a local actress in Omaha, Nebraska, and will retell the events leading up to her death in 2006 by her ex-fiance and lover Patrick Bauldwin. Bauldwin is currently serving a life sentence without parole for her death.

The case first unfolded in 2006 when Pasinetta Prince’s family members alerted police that she did not attend a family get-together on Saturday and was a no show at church on Sunday. They also told police that when they were unable to communicate with her by phone, they knew that something was definitely wrong.

Police arrived at the home at 441 Lake Street and found the beautiful, African-American stage actress dead. An autopsy report revealed that the victim had been strangled. Police suspected her ex-boyfriend Patrick Bauldwin from the beginning but had no real proof to tie him to the murder. The case went cold for three years until they finally made an arrest in 2009.

Patrick Bauldwin denied having anything to do with her death, stating that he could never “harm the woman that he loved,” according to KETV.

At trial, the defense said that the prosecution’s evidence could not be trusted. The local police department had been accused of tampering or planting evidence in the case against Bauldwin.

The prosecution presented compelling evidence that linked Patrick Bauldwin to the case. They also stated that Patrick Bauldwin killed Pasinetta Prince because he wanted to control her. Pasinetta Prince had tried to break off the relationship with Bauldwin because he was an abusive man. Prosecutors alleged that Bauldwin refused to let her go and killed her instead.

Patrick Bauldwin was found guilty of second-degree murder and sentenced to life without parole. When the trial ended, both families had to deal with deep, raw emotions. Until this day, Bauldwin’s family believes that he is innocent. Pasinetta Prince’s mother stated that the verdict brought them a measure of justice but didn’t bring her daughter back. She also stated that the crime was senseless and never needed to happen.

TV One’s Fatal Attraction will reenact the case on Monday at 9 p.m. central. Here is the tease for the episode.

“Watch the true story of one woman on the road to stardom until she crosses paths with a man who would blind her with love, lies and deceit.

“When extremely talented actress Pasinetta Prince met charming local Patrick Bauldwin it was an attraction that ignited a fiery flame. With big dreams and high hopes, Pasinetta quickly entered into a relationship with Bauldwin, which quickly led to an engagement. But their romance was cut short when Pasinetta was discovered strangled and beaten to death in the basement of her home on a quiet Sunday afternoon. Watch as investigators probe deeper into this case only to reveal a dark and twisted path of deception that still haunts the Omaha community to this day.”

[Photo Credit: YouTube]