Camille Grammer Cancer Update: ‘Real Housewives’ Star Celebrates One Year Of Remission, But Can’t Shake Ex-Husband Drama

Camille Grammer is cancer free for one year.

The reality television star underwent surgery for endometrial cancer at the end of 2013, and has now been in remission for a year.

“I’m doing really well,” she told People magazine on Friday.

Camilly Grammer gave up filming The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills while getting cancer treatment, but said she’s been able to keep a good perspective on the ordeal.

“God does things for a reason,” she said. “It’s very difficult to live anything so private like that in public but if I can use it as a platform to raise awareness … There are so many things bigger than ourselves out there. If I can use this to support anybody and to save lives in any way, oh my God, that’s bigger than all of us. I feel blessed.”

Camille has been open about her battle with the disease — and battles with her ex, Kelsey Grammer. In an interview with Radar Online from earlier this year, Camille revealed that she tried to reach out to her ex-husband but was rebuffed.

“After being diagnosed, I reached out to Kelsey’s camp, since he refuses to talk to me directly. I conveyed the news, and never heard one word back, which was obviously very hurtful. We may have had our issues, but we have two kids together.”

The couple had been married for 14 years and had two children together, daughter Mason and son Jude. Camille Grammer said the cancer diagnosis should have brought her ex-husband into her corner, but it did not.

“Put our history aside and just step up for the sake of the kids. The kids were scared that their mom had been diagnosed with cancer. I tried to keep much of the illness away from them. If Kelsey had faced a similar health crisis, I would immediately called him, attempt to have a conversation to see if there was anything I could do.”

Although Camille Grammer was certainly disappointed by Kelsey ignoring her, she stayed positive and is excited to educate others about cancer.

“I’m in such a great place now, happy and healthy and committed to help women become more knowledgeable about cancer.”

Camille Grammer has made cancer research and awareness her new priority since stepping aside as a regular on The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. She serves as National Chair of the Foundation for Women’s Cancer.

[Photo via ABC News]