Camille Grammer Claims Kelsey Abandoned Her During Cancer Fight

Camille Grammer was diagnosed with endometrial cancer in 2013, and while the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star had the support of many friends and loved ones, there was one person who failed to reach out.

During a new interview with Radar Online on January 15, Camille Grammer revealed the hurt she felt when her ex-husband, Kelsey Grammer, ignored her diagnosis.

“After being diagnosed, I reached out to Kelsey’s camp, since he refuses to talk to me directly. I conveyed the news, and never heard one word back, which was obviously very hurtful. We may have had our issues, but we have two kids together.”

Prior to their February 2011 divorce, which occurred after Kelsey engaged in an affair with his now-wife Kayte Walsh, Camille and Kelsey had been married for 14 years and had two children together, daughter Mason and son Jude.

“Put our history aside and just step up for the sake of the kids. The kids were scared that their mom had been diagnosed with cancer. I tried to keep much of the illness away from them. If Kelsey had faced a similar health crisis, I would immediately called him, attempt to have a conversation to see if there was anything I could do.”

Although Camille Grammer was certainly disappointed by Kelsey ignoring her, she stayed positive and is excited to educate others about cancer.

“I’m in such a great place now, happy and healthy and committed to help women become more knowledgeable about cancer.”

As the Inquisitr reported earlier this month, Camille Grammer opened up about her cancer battle in an interview with E! News.

“It’s an amazing start to the new year,” Grammer said.

“I’m reaching milestones all the time and just trying to get myself back. With cancer, you never really feel like you’re in the clear but I feel good and I have a sense that things are going to be OK. I’m relieved, I’m happy and I feel blessed. Last year, I was too sick from the chemo to celebrate New Year’s Eve. This year, I went to two parties. It was the best New Year’s I’ve had in years. There was a lot of hugs and dancing. Overall, I’m happy. I’m fulfilled and I’m in a great place in life. I’m so happy I could show my daughter what it is to be a strong woman.”

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