Will Sen. Ted Cruz Get The 2016 GOP Presidential Bid?

Texas Senator and active Tea Party member Ted Cruz plans to announce his candidacy for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination. Cruz will be the first of his party to officially announce his candidacy.

Ted’s background describes what may seem like a perfect Republican candidate. The future candidate first peaked in national popularity during his 2013, 21-hour Senate speech regarding his opposition to the Affordable Care Act. Ted Cruz has also referred to President Barack Obama as a criminal many times, most recently in a video titled “Truth” where Cruz was conversing about the Affordable Care Act.

“Obamacare: When have you stood up and fought against it? President Obama’s illegal and unconstitutional executive amnesty: When have you stood up and fought against it?”

Though it seems like Ted Cruz is constantly attacking the president, he is actually attacking the other Republican candidates. Cruz has often made statements about the incompetence of the unofficial Republican candidate roster and accuses them of having false promises in their platforms.

“It’s easy for candidates to give an answer. The proof is in the pudding. What I’ve urged Republicans to ask of every candidate is: Have you walked the walk? Show me your record.”

According to the Wall Street Journal, Ted’s fellow candidates have similar reservations about him. Reportedly, a few candidates feel that Ted’s Tea Party “Hero” status and his ultra-conservative aura makes it unlikely that he can gain favor in a general election.

What may be helping Ted Cruz is that the Republican candidate prospects all have some setbacks as well. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush strives to step out of the dark shadow of former President George W. Bush (brother), Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey and his administration are currently under federal investigation, and there’s Scott Walker, who is a college drop-out. Coming in far behind in rankings are Rand Paul and Marc Rubio who lack experience. What could also help Ted’s campaign is the strong possibility that he could win the Latino vote.

Ted Cruz is of Cuban ancestry and though having such a surname could look good in the popular vote, his birthplace has the potential to cause problems. Ted Cruz was born in Calgary, Canada. Though being born out of the United States did not appear to stop President Barack Obama from getting elected for two terms, the fact that Obama did have one American parent allowed him to redeem himself from the speculation that he was not a true American. Ted Cruz also has one U.S. born parent.

Based on his popularity and two-year track record for fighting the good fight against the seemingly critical state of America caused by the Obama administration, Ted Cruz has a good chance. Giving that he is able to surpass the current high rankings of Jeb Bush and Scott Walker, he could actually be the top GOP contender. Ted Cruz plans to make his candidacy announcement on Monday in Lynchburg, Virginia.

[Image via Salon.com]