Police In India Raided A Brothel, They Found Four Cops And A Murderer The Cops Were Transporting

Police in the Indian state of West Bengal got a rather shocking surprise when they carried out a raid on a brothel: four police officers from a neighboring state, as well as the convicted murderer they were supposed to be transporting, Asia One is reporting.

The four police from the state of Jharkhand were transporting a convicted murderer from the jail where he was housed to a hospital for a routine checkup. However, they decided to make a slight detour — 128 miles out of their way — to visit the red light district in the town of Ansasol.

The West Bengal cops, meanwhile, thought they were carrying out a routine raid on a brothel, and apparently thought nothing was amiss with the men they rounded up. That is, until they got a phone call, an unidentified police spokesperson tells International Business Times.

“We got to know they are policemen only after Jharkhand police contacted us.”

The murderer, identified as Baiju Yadav, somehow managed to escape in the confusion. However, instead of going on the lam, he somehow made his way back “home” to the jail where he was being held. How he managed to pull off the hundred-mile journey is not clear, as of this post. Back at the jail, he told his jailers that he was “forcibly” taken to the brothel.

Jharkhand director general of police DK Pandey was not amused at having four of his cops turn up drunk at a brothel while a murderer walked away.

“We have ordered a probe and suspended the four policemen until further notice.”

According to Legal Prostitution Pros and Cons, prostitution in India exists in a state of “limited legality.” India’s laws narrowly define the conditions under which sex for money is allowed, and brothels are illegal. Nevertheless, illegal brothels ply their trade openly in some places.

“In the heart of Mumbai, India lies Kamathipura, one of the country’s poorest districts and also its largest red light district, home to more than 60,000 sex workers.”

As of this post, it’s not clear what charges, if any, the four Jharkhand cops will be facing.

Jharkhand (home of the four drunken cops who took a murderer to a brothel), meanwhile, is one of the poorest places in India. Under-paid and under-equipped police there routinely deal with security breaches, including a 2014 prison break in which 13 prisoners escaped.

[Image courtesy of: Shutterstock/Kiril Stanchev]