Naked Spring Breaker Identified: Says Everything Was Consensual, But There Is Still One Problem

Images of a nude woman labeled the “naked spring breaker” in media outlets has been identified. Police were initially concerned that the girl may have been in danger as it appeared in photographs that men were pulling at her beads as she attempted to flee the area. However, after identifying the girl, police discovered that the girl’s actions and interactions with the crowd were consensual and she is safe. Despite the girl claiming she was not in harm’s way, the police are still investigating the incident due to her age. The naked spring breaker was actually a minor.

Original reports indicated that police were attempting to identify a naked spring breaker after photographs of the girl appeared on social media sites. The girl appeared to possibly be in distress or underage. After a plea to media outlets to help identify the woman, NY Daily News reports that a 17-year-old girl from the “southern part” of the United States has come forward as the nude beach-goer. The teen had traveled to Panama City, Florida, for spring break. She says that she had no idea photos of her nude romp on the beach were being circulated online, but quickly found out when she returned home and saw the images. She immediately contacted the Bay County Sheriff’s Office to let them know that she was okay.

The Bay County Sheriff’s Office press release noted that the girl came forward after seeing the image in local media. The BCSO also notes that they had the local law enforcement in the teen’s city follow-up with her in person to ensure her safety.

“The female in the photo became aware through the media that her identity was sought, and contacted the BCSO today and spoke with investigators. The BCSO requested law enforcement in the same city the girl lives in to make contact with her. They verified her claim to be the girl in the photo. She lives in the southern part of the United States and told investigators she visited Panama City Beach for spring break, although she does not attend college. She is seventeen years of age and although she stated her behavior and interaction with the crowd was consensual and she is safe, she did not realize that someone was taking her picture.”

The press release indicates that the actions photographed were all consensual and of the girl’s doing. However, police have not shut the case completely due to the girl’s age. The police are not releasing the girl’s name to the public, but say they have verified her identity.

What do you think about the naked spring breaker being a minor? What actions, if any, should be taken against those who photographed the nude teen?

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