Naked Spring Breaker Being Sought By Florida Police Who Fear She Is In Danger

A naked spring breaker is being sought by Florida police. Photos of an unidentified young woman appeared on social media this week. The spring breaker, wearing nothing more than sunglasses and colorful beaded necklaces, was surrounded by shirtless men. Bay County police cannot see enough of the background or the woman’s face to determine where the photos were taken or to run a visual match on the woman.

Florida police fear the naked female spring breaker may be in trouble and did not willingly take off her clothes. The photos reportedly appear to have been taken at a party on or near the beach in Bay County.

“We want to make sure she is OK, check her well-being and make sure the pictures were consensual,’ a Bay County, Florida sheriff’s office representative stated during an interview with the Orlando Sentinel. “We aren’t trying to get her into trouble. We want to make sure she isn’t in trouble.”

Panama City Beach has been a popular spring break destination in Florida for decades. College students from around the country converge on the area for some fun in the sun during March and April each year. Panama City area law enforcement officials were informed about the photos of the naked spring breaker after they spotted them on social media on March 11.

The photos of the naked spring breaker have since been removed from social media outlets. The unidentified young woman was reportedly “bent over” and “dancing” near the edge of the beach as waves rolled in off the Gulf of Mexico. Panama City police have not yet determined if the naked female spring breaker is a minor or a young adult.

Another image of the Florida spring breaker reportedly shows the young woman standing on the beach, naked except for the sunglasses and colorful necklaces, with a group of men huddled closely around her. A third shot of the unidentified woman shows a “more aggressive” scene where the naked spring breaker appears to be attempting to “escape” from the photo frame area, according to Bay County law enforcement officials. One of the shirtless men reportedly appeared to be “grabbing” a necklace at her throat.

Two college age students have died this week while on spring break in Texas. A 21-year-old woman fell from a hotel balcony and died on South Padre Island on Wednesday. A 24-year old man died while staying at a private island condo over the weekend, and police are still investigating the death.

Florida police are urging anyone with information about the naked spring breaker to contact law enforcement officials in Panama City or Bay County.

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