Pet-Friendly Miami Hotel Gives Pets The VIP Treatment

Americans love to pamper their pets, and a Miami hotel is taking advantage of that love for their furry friends.

The Trump National Doral’s pet-friendly policy doesn’t just allow pets to stay with their humans — it gives them the VIP treatment, including room service.

The hotel even provides pets with their own special room service menu, which includes such tasty treats as pet milk, organic big woof bones for dogs, or savory tuna flakes for cats. According to the Miami Herald, your pampered pooch can dine on roasted sirloin with brown rice, a bottle of Fiji water, and a Big Woof bone for $61 after tax, service, and delivery charges.

Room service for Rover at the Miami Trump National Doral Hotel

And that’s not all. As part of the mandatory $250 pet fee, your furry child will be treated to food and water bowls, Newman’s Own organic snack sticks, a special pet bed and blanket, and even souvenirs such as a Trump branded chew toy, water bottle, and fashionable Trump dog tag to impress his or her friends. The blanket and dog tag can even be personalized by an in-house embroiderer. Fido and Fluffy will also get a bone-shaped “Do Not Disturb” sign to let hotel staff know when they want privacy.

For the humans, a doggie bag pick-up holder and bags to clean up after your pet are provided — branded with the Trump name, of course. Pets can be walked anywhere on the resort property except the golf course or near the pool, but the hotel staff will also be happy to provide you and your pet with complimentary car service to a nearby dog park.

“People that come here don’t just come here for a night, they come for three, four nights. And most of the time people don’t want to leave their pets behind; they are part of the family,” said the hotel’s general manager, David Feder. “So we want to make it accessible for everyone. Why shouldn’t the pets get special treatment as well?”

“Yes, many hotels accept pets, but they don’t go above and beyond to make the pet have the same luxury as the rest of the family. Why not have them be pampered too?”

Some people think more of their pets than they do their children, such as this woman who the Inquisitr reported has cut her sons out of her will and plans to leave everything — including a summer home and a trust fund — to her dog, who she says she is “in love with.”

So if you think it is unusual for pet owners to spend $250 to pamper their pets, think again. According to the San Francisco Gate, Americans spent nearly $58 billion on their pets in 2014, and it wasn’t all on essentials such as food, collars, and veterinary care — $4.8 billion of that was for “other services,” which included grooming and spa visits for facials and massages.

Do you pamper your pet?

[Image via Joe Raedle/Getty Images]