Search for that perfect apartment on your iPhone

Sometimes there is nothing worse than have to go out and find a new apartment what with having to hunt through all those ads and make all the phone calls to make appointments as well as actually having to find the apartment to view it. If you are finding yourself in this situation then you just might want to grab yourself a copy of Padmapper a free web based application that takes Craigslist apartment listings and puts them on Google maps.

Now for iPhone folks the people behind Padmapper have also made an iPhone application available as well. From the developer we get this snippet of info

Instead of having a big list and then using a map as a helper for the list, like most of the real estate sites, I threw out the list and gave the map as much room as possible. When you pan, PadMapper loads new listings automatically in the background. When you zoom out, PadMapper loads the surrounding areas, when you zoom in, PadMapper loads more listings for that smaller area. You can start your search at a high level, and then zoom in as you figure out what areas appeal to you more. If you’re particularly interested in a place, you can zoom in very close, and nearby restaurants, bars, shopping and more will show up on the map (in most cities), and you can click on them to see their Yelp Ratings. Or, you can save that listing to your favorites list for later.

[hat tip to apartment therapy]