Lacey Wildd Plans 37th Plastic Surgery, Wants To Become ‘Human Barbie’

Lacey Wildd is set to undergo her 13th boob job, which will be the 37th time that she’s had plastic surgery in her life.

The 46-year-old has actually been warned by doctors not to have the treatment, however the mother of six is still set to proceed because she pines to look like a “walking cartoon character.”

In addition to the surgery, Lacey Wildd has also lost a tremendous amount of weight over the last six weeks too. That’s because, after realising that she wanted to become thinner, Wildd lost 20 pounds in just half a dozen weeks in order to become a size zero. Worryingly though, Wildd admitted that she isn’t done with the dieting and hopes to lose even more weight in the near future.

Wildd, who hails from West Virginia, wants to increase her breast size to a size QQQ, and she recently spoke to the Daily Mail about why she wants to transform her body.

“I feel really good but I still think I need to lose more weight,” she explained. “I want to go down to a size 3 or even a (zero).”

But why does Wildd go to such extreme lengths to get the body that she desires? Well, she wants to “have the most extreme body in the world.”

Wildd admits that she realises the need to be careful. But even though she’s already been turned down for surgery by a doctor who told her that she will ruin her body if she gets further work done to her breasts, Lacey Wildd has promised to persist with her pursuit for further breast enhancement.

Wildd has also had three butt implant surgeries, and she has even teased that her rear-end is now worth $30,000. Lacey previously appeared on My Strange Addiction, via Hollywood Life, where she insisted that she isn’t actually addicted to plastic surgery.

But while Lacey Wildd is adamant that she needs more surgery in order to achieve her desired look, her children are less impressed with her ambition.

In fact Lacey’s daughter, Jenaveve, has registered her disgust with her mother’s appearance, insisting that Wildd is immediately the centre of attention whenever they leave the house.

“I can’t go anywhere without people swarming over,” she explained. In fact when Jenaveve was asked what she thought of her mother’s breasts she responded, “disgusting.”

[Image via Time Inc]