Ariana Grande Imitates Celine Dion Instead Of Mariah Carey

Ariana Grande has been known to do a great Mariah Carey impression, but who knew she could do Celine Dion as well? Ariana appeared on The Tonight Show Friday evening and as Gossip Cop reports, surprised many.

“Perhaps to keep her in a comfort zone, Fallon suggested she show off her Dion impression, handing her a microphone. The host accompanied her on the duet. Grande did a pretty good job of capturing not just Dion’s voice, but also her mannerisms, accent, gestures, and inflection. Coincidentally, Dion revealed on Friday that she’ll be returning to Las Vegas for a performance residency. Perhaps Grande could fill in on certain nights to see if anyone can tell the difference.”

Ariana Grande also showed that she has a sense of humor as she and Fallon played two teenage girls with strong opinions. The fact that Ariana was so well received on The Tonight Show is good news, considering the fact that her tour has been receiving mixed reviews. Cory Garcia of the Houston Press had very mixed feelings about Grande’s performance at the NRG Stadium Wednesday evening.

“What’s worse: a bad show or a mundane one? This is a hard question to answer, because there are arguments for both. And it’s worth considering here, at the start, because Grande herself did not put on a bad show. There were things about how that show was put on that were bad, but she herself was, at worst, OK.”

The initial part of the review doesn’t sound too bad, but Garcia goes on to slam the costume changes and the Mariah Carey style vocal flourishes. Still, it sounds like the fans had a great time. Good reviews or not, Ariana Grande has a heart of gold and the fact that she gave away dogs for adoption at her Madison Square Garden show proves this. Ms. Grande took to Twitter in order to announce her special deed.

“Honored and excited to be working w @barkbox on this special surprise for my New York babes. I’m sponsoring 15 adoptable pups from @badassbrooklyn who are in need of a home, a family and some lovin…. which is where y’all come in!”

It hasn’t been revealed yet how many of the dogs were taken home, but hopefully all of them were since there was such a big audience at Madison Square Garden. Ariana Grande will continue her Honeymoon Tour in Atlanta this Tuesday.

[Photo Credit: YouTube Screen Capture]