See ‘The Walking Dead’ Re-Imagined As A Classic Arcade Game [Video]

If you’re a Walking Dead fan who has a tough time waiting for each episode of the show, CineFix has a quick fix that might be just what you need: a colorful, 16-bit re-imagining of The Walking Dead that will make some gamers feel just a tad nostalgic.

CNET recently shared the CineFix YouTube channel’s latest 8-Bit Cinema video, and it’s a pretty fun way to relive the first two seasons of The Walking Dead. CineFix turned Robert Kirkman’s dark world into a retro arcade game with colorful graphics and far less gore than the popular TV series. The Walking Dead score isn’t quite as foreboding when it’s stripped down into simple sympathizer music, but it still sounds pretty cool.

The video below begins with Rick Grimes waking up in the hospital, and it follows him as he meets Morgan, hides in a tank, finds his family, visits the CDC, and finds Sophia at Hershel’s farm. Some of these moments aren’t quite as emotional when they’re pixelated.

As you can see, the 8-Bit Cinema version of The Walking Dead doesn’t follow the TV storyline exactly — Rick Grimes skips checking out the “Don’t open dead inside” doors, and he doesn’t steal a bike. However, it would be hard to squeeze every little detail from two seasons of the show into just four minutes. Fans can only hope that someone eventually decides to lengthen CineFix’s game idea by making it a reality. In the meantime, CineFix will unlock the next two seasons on March 25 if its first Walking Dead video gets 10,000 likes.

If you’re a fan of retro games who misses Rick’s old back-stabbing pal Shane after seeing him kill Otis in the video above, then you might want to try AMC‘s free adventure game. Unlike the 16-bit “game” created by CineFix, it’s actually playable. According to Fansided, Walking Dead: Dead Reckoning is an “interactive comic book” that gives Walking Dead fans a glimpse of what Shane was up to while Rick Grimes was in a coma. You can play it on your mobile device or on the AMC website.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Walking Dead fans also have season 3 of Telltale Games’ popular series to look forward to. It will still be a while before gamers get to experience the next chapter in Clementine’s compelling story, but there will be plenty of Walking Dead to savor until then — the show’s companion series is shambling to AMC sometime this summer.

Are you madder than a Rick who can’t find Carl that CineFix’s 16-bit Walking Dead game isn’t a real thing?

[Image credit: CineFix.]