‘GTA V’s New Adversary Modes Detailed As Rockstar Games Provides Tips For The Online Heist Companion Content

Released in the same update that finally gave gamers the ability to play the anticipated online heists of Grand Theft Auto V, fans were also given access to three new competitive game modes in last week’s GTA V title update. Hoping to show off the newly added Adversary Modes to fans, Rockstar Games released several gameplay tips to help players be better at the new player-versus-player matches of GTA V.

Each of the new Adversary Modes added to Grand Theft Auto V will challenge gamers to compete against one another while being placed in uneven teams. These lopsided matches task a smaller group of gamers to defend or escape against a larger team of GTA V fans. The new match types found in the Adversary modes are intended to give gamers something new to do in between completing the new online heists.

Rockstar Games provided users with in-depth descriptions of GTA V‘s Adversary Modes. The developer hopes that players will be able to perform better within the new content if they fully understood each of the additional match types.

Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto V - Hasta La Vista

Paying direct homage to the classic truck chase from Terminator 2, the first of the Adversary Modes challenges one GTA V player to outrun multiple players driving semi-trucks while on a bicycle. Obviously, the user on the bike is in constant danger of being run over.

“Hasta La Vista challenges two Truckers in big rig cabs to mow down two slower (but more maneuverable) Cyclists, before they reach a designated checkpoint. It’s crucial that the Truckers remember that only one of the Cyclists need to reach the checkpoint in order for the Cyclists to win.”

Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto V - Siege Mentality

More about defending themselves than running, Grand Theft Auto V‘s second new competitive match places a smaller team of players in charge of defending a location from a larger assault force.

“In Siege Mentality, a small group of Defenders must defend their solitary lives from waves of Attackers for a given amount of time. The Attackers will always start Siege Mentality further away from where they will respawn after being killed. This buys the Defenders a few extra seconds at the start of the Mode to anticipate routes of attack and set themselves in positions where they can create chokepoints in those areas.”

Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto V - Come out to Play

The final new Adversary Mode pits pedestrians against vehicles. While attempting this new PvP match, one group of GTA V fans must evade the other team. However, the pursuers are given cars while the fleeing members must escape on foot.

“Come Out To Play is a game mode that combines elements of both Hasta La Vista and Siege Mentality, and thus players can draw on experiences in those two game modes to ensure victory. Like the Cyclists in Hasta la Vista, Runners have more options for maneuverability around the map. In particular they are able to scale walls and traverse rooftops in ways that the Hunters (locked to their vehicles) cannot.”

In addition to Adversary Modes and online heists, last week’s GTA V update also added new daily objectives that give players bonus rewards for completing a random set of tasks every day. Tired of waiting on long matchmaking within Grand Theft Auto V itself, fans also made a website to help players find teammates for the game’s new online heists, as the Inquisitr reported last week.

Have you tried out the new Adversary Modes of GTA V yet or have you been preoccupied with the new cooperative heists instead?

[Images via Rockstar Games]