President Obama Waimanalo: Barack And Michelle Obama Eyeing Multi-Million Dollar Estate In Hawaii?

Is President Obama moving to Waimanalo, Hawaii, after his presidency? According to KITV, a multi-million dollar home in the area was recently sold, and some are wondering if the Obamas were connected to the sale. The home was purchased by Seth Madorsky, a Chicago attorney who reportedly “has ties” to the president. The estate was then sold again to a limited liability corporation in Colorado. Many residents in the area are now wondering just who will be moving into town — and when.

“It started a couple of weeks ago with people saying, ‘Have you heard who is buying the place?’ ” said Waimanalo resident Lee Siegel.

President Obama may choose to live in Waimanalo, or he may want to keep a home there as an option for a vacation home. According to Fox News, the home is beyond gorgeous, and would accommodate the Obamas — and their extended family, if they chose to have them.

“The 11,054-square-foot home on three acres of Honolulu beach front was sold Monday for $8.7 million in a tricky transaction that includes some tantalizing clues,” Fox News reports, citing the aforementioned two sales. While it’s unknown where the president and his family will live post-presidency (they own a home in Chicago), Hawaii seems like it would be an option for them. After all, this is where Barack Obama grew up (in his teenage years).

Residents in the area are already wondering how things will be if the president and his family move into town — don’t forget, he will have secret service protection even when he’s not in office. Some seem excited, while others are worried about potential problems.

“He’s going to be protected by the Secret Service all the time, there will be all kinds of traffic woes,” said resident Uncle Nawai.

“People are wondering what the security situation will be like, and will they be stopped every time they come home. I’m thrilled about it. I’m a fan. I think it is great, not just for Waimanalo and me, but for the state,” said Siegel.

If President Obama bought the Waimanalo home, chances are he may take some time to fix it up before moving in — sources say the home is old and needs some updating. The estate was actually featured in the film Magnum P.I.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Obamas were thinking about moving to New York after leaving the White House in 2016. Sources said that Barack and Michelle want to live in the city because it has a great “vibe.” Perhaps they like the vibe in Hawaii, too.

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