Claudia Jordan Thinks NeNe Leakes Has A Self-Esteem Issue

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Claudia Jordan seems to be a strong woman who has no problem sharing her feelings about her co-stars. Fans fell in love with Claudia because she was the one person who dared to stand up to NeNe Leakes during a fight in Puerto Rico. Many of the other ladies tend to avoid drama with Leakes, so this has given NeNe quite the confidence boost.

But Claudia Jordan believes that NeNe is struggling with something else since she got up and left the therapy session when things got tough. The therapy will continue next week as the scene was cut short, but clearly, Jordan believes that NeNe is lacking self-esteem. Maybe Leakes is getting a confidence boost from the money she is making.

According to a new Bravo report, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Claudia Jordan is now sharing her thoughts about NeNe. Part of the theory is that Leakes focuses too much on other people instead of herself, including the heavy focus on Claudia’s lady parts.

“I wish all of the ladies were there, including Phaedra and Demetria, because I think that could have really been a great opportunity to squash everything once and for all. And although Demetria and I are new and don’t have any long standing beefs or emotional attachments with these chicks, I think some of the vets’ behavior towards the new girls shows a pattern that was established long before we arrived, and I think that is important,” Claudia Jordan reveals, adding that there were lots of internal reasons between the women.

Claudia Jordan is not the first person to bring up NeNe Leakes‘ patterns of behavior. Kenya Moore and Cynthia Bailey have also brought up the fact that she can’t admit when she is wrong and can’t take responsibility for her actions.

“Certain types of women that don’t submit to you and, God forbid, have their own mind… Somehow really gets under your skin. That is a self-esteem issue. And I suspect it’s going to take more than one session of counseling to fix it. But hey, you’ve got to crawl before you walk, and who knows what the future holds. But I think one of us owes Dr. Jeff a very nice bottle of champagne and a huge apology,” Claudia adds.

Fans feel that Claudia Jordan is the match that many have waited for when it comes to NeNe. Apparently, it is so bad for the former Hollywood star that she is threatening to leave the Real Housewives franchise behind if Jordan signs on for the next season, according to the Inquisitr.

What do you think about NeNe? Do you think Claudia Jordan is right about some troubling self-esteem issues?

[Image via Bravo]