US Senate Bails Out Federal Barber Shop

The US Senate spent nearly $230,000 to bail out its already overpriced federal barbershop and Republicans then joked about their time spent at the shop.

The Senate’s personal barbershop has been in business for 153-years and because of union laborers being employed the average salary is $81,641, far higher then the national average for stylists.

Because of high labor costs the shop lost a good $300,000 chunk of money lately despite charging $27 for a cut-and-blow-dry, $105 for highlight jobs and 27,000 annual customers.

Speaking to The Daily Senate Sergeant at Arms Terrance Gainer remarked:

“There’s no way to sugarcoat” the problem, “It’s costing the government money, and that includes taxpayers like you and me. That’s the way it is. I just have not pulled the trigger. That’s on me.”

While Gainer acknowledged that it might be time to end the federal barbership his Republican counterparts disagree, according to Sen. John McCain jokes that he calls his barber the “butcher” because “He is a butcher, and I’ve got the scars to prove it. I’m lucky to be alive and have needed several blood transfusions to survive.”

McCain might be laughing but with nearly 28 million Americans out of work arguments that union labor is more expensive doesn’t hold any weight, Senate leaders looking for a haircut should pay more for their haircuts, not pass the buck on to taxpayers.

Do you think American taxpayers should be paying for U.S. Senators to get their haircuts or should they pony up money at regularly prices barbershops like the rest of us?

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