Senator McCain Satisfied That Kim Jong Il Is In Hell Now

While his followers are busy crying hysterically over the death of Kim Jong Il, Arizona Sen. John McCain issued an official comment about the North Korean leader.

“The world is a better place now that Kim Jong Il is no longer in it. For mre than six decades, people in North Korean have been consigned to lives of dire poverty and cruel oppression under one of the most totalitarian regimes the world has ever known.”

The Senator added that Jong Il’s death presents a “historic opportunity” for Koreans, while calling for China to play a lead role together with other countries, including the US, in shaping a peaceful transition to a unified, democratic, and independent Korean Peninsula.”

“The death of Kim Jong Il is a historic opportunity to end the long suffering of Koreans in the north and to deepen the security of Northeast Asia and the world.”

More than anything else, Senator McCain expressed his satisfaction about this death and assured where Kim Jong Il is right now.

“I can only express satisfaction that the Dear Leader is joining the likes of Qaddafi, Bin Laden, Hitler, and Stalin in a warm corner of hell.”

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