Gwen Stefani Has A Stalker — Cops Called On Crazed Fan

Gwen Stefani had a bit of a scare on Tuesday in an incident involving an overzealous fan who had tracked her down to her acupuncture clinic. Perez Hilton reports that the singer was at a spa in Korea Town with her one-year-old son Apollo at the time of the incident, which ended in police being called on a crazed fan.

Gwen reportedly began receiving multiple messages on her phone from a fan who apparently knew right where she was. TMZ shares that the man told her he was going to be waiting for her outside to meet her, and he stood near the acupuncture clinic waiving at her. He also reportedly threatened to pin her down. The singer didn’t take any chances. She called the police immediately, who promptly assisted her.

Unfortunately, the only man they were able to find was someone who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Apparently, it wasn’t the same guy who had been sending Gwen Stefani the messages she had been receiving. He got away and authorities are still looking for him. Until he’s caught, Gwen’s going to probably worry for her and her children’s safety.

Celebrity stalking events aren’t uncommon, but it’s rare when a stalker actually gets close enough to make a celeb feel threatened. Richard Gere was aggressively stalked by a 51-year-old woman who reportedly emailed and faxed him at least 1,000 times. She also showed up at his home a half a dozen times in hopes of living with the famed actor. She told him she wanted to share his life with him. Gwyneth Paltrow was also the target of a vile stalker who sent her several letters and gifts, which included pornography. He also showed up at her parents’ home more than once. The man was declared legally insane and locked up in a California psychiatric hospital.

Gwen Stefani is certainly lucky that police were able to keep her stalker from following through with his threats. She was alone and had her one-year-old son with her, which could have been an unthinkable disaster had her stalker committed some kind of foul play. Meanwhile, the stalker is still free and hasn’t been caught, which can’t sit well with the No Doubt frontwoman. Do you think Gwen should consider hiring bodyguards for when she’s out with her son? At the least, she may want to consider security until the stalker has been caught by police. After all, he was able to track her down right to her very location, which is absolutely frightening.

[Photo: FameFlyNet via Extra TV]