Bounty With Dawn: The First Paper Towel Infused With Dish Detergent Launches

The paper towels sit on the shelf at major retailers, but it was curious as to why the new “Bounty With Dawn” paper towels are so expensive. As reported by Good Housekeeping, the Bounty reusable paper towels that have Dawn dishwashing liquid built inside of each one should’ve retailed for about $2.79 for a giant roll, varying in price based on the retailer. Well, the retailer with the big red dot and circle was selling the Dawn-dotted Bounty paper towels for about $3.29 for one roll, as they are now priced on Target’s website.

According to the Cincinnati Business Courier, the innovative paper towels can be used to scrub pots and pans — along with stovetops, and surprisingly, mirrors. Bounty with Dawn could seriously become a favorite cleaning product because of its attractiveness of being able to use it to clean glasses, dishes, and the like and then toss the towels in the trash without having to worry about grimy sponges that contain all sorts of bacteria. But Procter & Gamble, whose toilet paper rolls were reportedly shrinking in size but not in price, as reported by the Inquisitr, is also marketing them as reusable items. The paper towels do seem a bit thicker, and with a bit of heft.

One shouldn’t dot liquids away from his eyes with it like it was a normal napkin — since it contains soap. Hiding the Bounty towels infused with cute little blue Dawn dish liquid dots over in a corner by the sink, and made haste at taking the treated-like-a-napkin towel and using it as it should’ve been used: like a little soapy friend that makes you want to do your dishes more and actually clean your kitchen. Next up, it’s on to employing Bounty with Dawn to scrub up that burned turkey bacon in the microwave.

[Image via Target]