Duchess Kate Due Date: Why Kate Middleton’s Due Date Could Be Good News For British Conservatives

Duchess Kate just officially announced her due date, a day that could be leaving the British government with headaches and the Conservative party with an unexpected boost.

During a visit to a children’s center on Wednesday, Kate Middleton revealed that she is due in mid to late April. It marks a bit of a turnaround from Kate’s first pregnancy, when the royal family was very vague about Kate’s due date and announced only the month she was due.

But Duchess Kate’s due date could cause some new problems this time around. If the royal baby comes just a little late, it could take place around the same time as Britain’s general election on May 7. While this would likely lead to some difficulties in coordinating the massive voting at the same time as the baby’s birth, it could also be a boost for Conservatives.

“[Duchess Kate’s due date] could be good news for the Conservatives, as anything that gives the country a feel-good boost so closing to polling day is usually regarded as a plus for whoever is in power,” noted the Telegraph.

The British site ElectionForecast predicts a close outcome, with Conservatives holding 284 seats and the Labour Party holding 279. A bump from Duchess Kate’s due date could end up being the deciding factor.

Duchess Kate spilled her due date almost by accident. While she was paying a visit to a children’s center, a 49-year-old volunteer named Christine Osborne asked Kate offhandedly when her baby was due, apparently not aware that it’s been a closely guarded secret until this point.”I couldn’t resist asking,” Osborne said.

Amazingly, Kate Middleton actually responded, telling Osborne (and the world): “I’m due mid-April to the end of April. Not long to go now.”

Duchess Kate still has a bit of work to do before her due date. She and Prince William have three appearances on March 27, including a visit to the charitable Stephen Lawrence Center. Majesty Magazine had some of the details on the center:

“It is a place for community learning and social research, inspiring and motivating young people. The space is available for conferences, meetings, training and seminars. The Stephen Lawrence Centre was opened in 2008 as a centre of excellence for architecture and design and the wider built environment. The pattern in the façade is designed by Turner Prize winner Chris Ofili.”

“The centre also hosts community based programmes for all ages including programmes in IT, creative arts and multi-media. In addition, the centre is a favoured venue for learning and development programmes for businesses of all types and size.”

Kate and William will also be visiting a charity project for people from inner London boroughs.

Those who want to know the exact due date for Duchess Kate will just have to wait and find out. Kate hasn’t said anything specific beyond the second half of April.

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