Duchess Kate Middleton Eight-Months Pregnant, Champions Children’s Health And Seeks Mary Poppins [Video]

Duchess Kate Middleton is eight-months pregnant, but that’s not changing her desire to devote time to reaching out to volunteer. And so Duchess Kate is focusing her final public appearances before baby arrives to cheer up underprivileged children and their vulnerable families, reported the Daily Mail.

Visiting the Brookhill Children’s Centre in Woolwich, the Duchess of Cambridge charmed the little ones. She also used her time to encourage Home-Start families. That non-profit organization offers help to parents who are in need of support for a variety of problems.

“We are delighted that Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Cambridge, has chosen to visit Brookhill Children’s Centre to see how it is improving the lives of local families,” announced Councillor Hyland.

Throughout her marriage to Prince William, Kate has become known for championing those who are helpless to champion themselves, from children in poverty to those who are disabled. She even made a rare public service announcement video, shown below.

With baby due late in April, however, Kate’s time for attending such events is increasingly limited. And the Duchess of Cambridge also is busy trying to find someone to help her own family.

The royal couple is seeking a new housekeeper. And if you want to apply for the job, certain qualities are required to work for Prince William and the very pregnant Princess Kate, reported E News.

The royal couple created their advertisement for the perfect housekeeper just as the Duchess of Cambridge, a loyal Downton Abbey fan, toured the set of the show, shown below.

Was she inspired by the make-believe in crafting her description of her dream employee, resembling a hybrid of Mary Poppins and Supernanny?

If you want to apply, certain essential qualities are required. And be prepared for variety of the royal cleaning kind.

“Someone with previous housekeeping experience, ideally within a large private house, and preferably within a family environment with dogs [for] cleaning all areas of the house to a high standard; caring for and maintaining the home owners’ clothing; cleaning silverware and glassware; purchasing groceries and general provisions for the house; and dealing with deliveries…”

In true Mary Poppins fashion, however, skills with children are essential. And even that nanny, superb as she was, didn’t have to cope with dogs at the same time as babies.

“Assisting with childcare and caring for dogs…Discretion and loyalty is paramount,” emphasizes the ad.

But although the pregnant princess seems to have fewer problems with the severe morning sickness that precluded some of her planned excursions during her first pregnancy, Duchess Kate has admitted to having pregnancy “brain fog,” as the Inquisitr reported.

“I sometimes forget I’m pregnant,” confessed the Duchess.

[Photo By Chris Jackson/Getty Images]